How people and companies are using Alchemer for fun and profit

Dish Network

DISH Network uses Alchemer to collect feedback, automate, consolidate, and streamline several business processes. saving the company time and money. They have also integrated Alchemer with SQL and Tableau to create customizable dashboards to track results. Read More.


Mozilla chose Alchemer as their main data collection platform because they don’t need engineering skills to collect data. They use Alchemer for surveying users, integrating feedback into other systems for better decision making, and simplifying IT governance. Read More.

Four Winds (Software)

Four Winds Interactive (FWI) is the leading provider of visual communications software. Using feedback collected through Alchemer FWI can check the pulse of the company on a continual basis – leading to significant increases in metrics such as Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and employee engagement. Read More.

Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness

Alchemer provided the accessibility PDRIB needed but could not find anywhere else that allows both visually impaired researchers and respondents to interact with the platform quickly and easily. Alchemer’s accessibility allowed for broader reach, increased completion rates, and higher quality data so PDRIB can produce more insightful research in less time. Read More.

Researchscape International (SaaS)

Using Alchemer, Researchscape developed a successful customer relationship campaign that is still going strong today – and one that has resulted in substantial gains in Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other key customer satisfaction metrics. Read More.

Aircraft Customer Case Study

One of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the USA used Alchemer to build more than 20 business process workflows to run the company more efficiently, including operationalizing customer satisfaction, tracking pilot safety, and custom-fitting aircraft. Read More.

Petroleum Customer Case Study

One of the larger petroleum and energy companies in the USA used Alchemer to collect feedback from systems at refineries across Louisiana and Texas and reduced their Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) from 0.55 (a high score) to 0.00. Read More.

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