How Customers Leverage Alchemer’s Flexibility to Solve Real Business Problems


Senior Manager for Customer Lifecycle Marketing at Malwarebytes, Diane Beaudet brought Alchemer to Malwarebytes in early 2021 to replace SurveyMonkey. “We selected Alchemer because it’s more enterprise than SurveyMonkey and allowed us to connect easily with Salesforce. It’s not complicated, it’s easy to deploy, and I don’t need a bunch of time from our IT folks to set it up.” Read More.

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CEG Worldwide

CEG Worldwide is the #1 coach for top financial advisors. Using Alchemer, Heather O’Donnell and her team created an assessment, advisor portal, and resource library that automated much of the onboarding and marketing needs for their financial advisor clients. “Alchemer is incredibly robust, and I get to customize Alchemer the way I want, without limitations,” according to Heather O’Donnell, Senior MIS & Project Manager at CEG Worldwide. Read More.


Alchemer gave Tzachi Ben-Sasson, Head of Global Voice of the Customer at Amdocs, the flexibility to develop a VoC program that precisely fits how Amdocs conducts business. It’s definitely not one-size-fits-all. Read More.

PCMag Features Editor, Eric Griffith brought the iconic PCMag Reader’s Choice Awards surveys in-house with Alchemer and saved more than $30,000 the first year. Read More.

Product Madness

The VIP Support Manager at Product Madness used to deal with an unwieldy Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) program that made anything more than a quarterly NPS survey impossible. “With Alchemer, it is literally the click of a button, change the dates I want to review, click export, and I’ve got a PowerPoint presentation with all the charts and everything I need.” Read More.

Cornerstone Research

Cornerstone Research uses Alchemer to help radio stations know what’s hot and what’s not. Using a custom question type, Cornerstone helps researchers perform both auditorium and call-out research online, faster than ever before. Read More.

210 Analytics

210 Analytics uses Alchemer to learn about the behaviors, motivators, and more for consumers of the food retail industry and more. As serious market researchers, 210 Analytics reaches out to the Alchemer Panels team often and uses the SPSS export function in Alchemer. Read More.

GGA Partners

GGA Partners uses Alchemer to advise many of the world’s most successful golf courses, private clubs, resorts, and residential communities. Alchemer provides the feedback necessary for data-driven strategic planning. Read More.

Gaming and Alchemer

Gaming companies around the globe use Alchemer for everything from market research to product development to customer satisfaction. One major gaming company used Alchemer to gather feedback on images for games and packaging. Read More.

Dish Network

DISH Network uses Alchemer to collect feedback, automate, consolidate, and streamline several business processes. saving the company time and money. They have also integrated Alchemer with SQL and Tableau to create customizable dashboards to track results. Read More.

Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness

Alchemer provided the accessibility PDRIB needed but could not find anywhere else that allows both visually impaired researchers and respondents to interact with the platform quickly and easily. Alchemer’s accessibility allowed for broader reach, increased completion rates, and higher quality data so PDRIB can produce more insightful research in less time. Read More.

Researchscape International (SaaS)

Using Alchemer, Researchscape developed a successful customer relationship campaign that is still going strong today – and one that has resulted in substantial gains in Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other key customer satisfaction metrics. Read More.

Petroleum Customer Case Study

One of the larger petroleum and energy companies in the USA used Alchemer to collect feedback from systems at refineries across Louisiana and Texas and reduced their Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) from 0.55 (a high score) to 0.00. Read More.

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