How the City of Salem Used Alchemer to Streamline Operations and Boost Community Engagement

The growing city of Salem, Oregon provides services to over 179,000 residents. As the community expands, there is higher demand for efficient, cost-effective municipal operations and public engagement.

Learn more about how The City of Salem, OR has integrated Alchemer across their entire organization to allow them to move faster and be more efficient all while staying connected to their community.

“Alchemer survey function is so widely used and integrated into our City operations that reliability and flexibility are critical to our operations.”

- Kathy Ursprung, City of Salem, Oregon, Communications and Media Relations Manager

Use cases:

From facilitating virtual public meetings to streamlining job applications, collecting park feedback to coordinating volunteers, the City of Salem unleashes the full potential of Alchemer across a multitude of civic functions:

Community engagement:

Municipal operations:

Public trust and inclusion:


Salem is a community-focused city with a mission to provide fiscally sustainable and quality services to enrich the lives of present and future residents. However, budgets aren’t growing as fast as service demands, making it difficult to meet community needs with limited staff.

How Alchemer Helps

Automating Processes, Saving Resources: Automation is where Alchemer shines for Salem. Handling resident inquiries that once required 2-3 employees now takes just one staff member thanks to self-service surveys. This slashes personnel costs while reducing errors. This has streamlined processes and improved outreach efforts, allowing the City of Salem to do more with fewer employees.

Fostering Community Connections: “The City of Salem uses Alchemer in countless ways including: digital forms for our website as well as other internal and external uses, applications, sign-ups, outreach regarding specific projects, evaluations, contests, sorting complaints and customer feedback, among others.” says Kathy. With Alchemer deployed across all municipal departments, including areas like police and fire, reliable data privacy and security are paramount for the City of Salem. Alchemer’s robust confidentiality and security measures enable safe and secure collection of staff and community input.

Empowering Staff Efficiency: Due to the City of Salem’s multiple departmental needs, it was crucial for them to select a survey platform that offered customizable surveys, branding, and question formats. According to Kathy, “It’s amazing how many different ways we have found to use Alchemer. It extends the reach of our outreach efforts on special projects. It also provides a more efficient way to interact with our staff on a more frequent basis.” Alchemer’s intuitive platform eliminates technical hurdles, ensuring quick adoption. With 32 licenses, staff easily create on-brand, customized surveys tailored to their specific needs.

Deep Integration: Described by Kathy as embodying “simplicity, flexibility, and customization,” Alchemer has become an integral part of The City of Salem’s work life. The easy to use and flexible platform accelerates city initiatives and rapidly uncovers insights that guide decision-making. As the city continues to explore innovative ways to utilize Alchemer, they are consistently enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness to community needs.