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The Alchemer Professional Services team is ready to help you put feedback into the hands of people who can take action, through the systems they use every day. The faster you get your feedback into the right hands, the faster you see tangible results.

To accelerate that process, we can help you create and deploy the systems you need, or teach you how to do it yourself.

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Collecting the Best Feedback

Turning open-ended feedback into a closed-loop feedback system begins with collecting the best possible feedback. We can help you build to get the feedback you need

• Customize and optimize your survey building

• Optimize distribution for maximum response

• Build surveys in a way that gives you the best data with the most amount of responses

Integrating Feedback

The key to integrating feedback is to weave it into the systems that people already use. We can help you develop and deploy a system that does this for your company, in the way you work.

For example, at Alchemer, we integrate our NPS results into Service Cloud and simultaneously into Slack, which immediately notifies our account managers of a new NPS rating. Incidents, such as a software problem or suggestion, automatically trigger a ticket in our Service Cloud system, which goes directly to a support hero, just like any other ticket. They contact the customer to see what we can do.

Next they create a product fix ticket in JIRA that goes to engineering, just like other product feedback, which looks to fix any root-cause problems. When the product is fixed or adjusted, the system automatically creates a new Service Cloud ticket in the Support system, and the support hero is notified to let the customer know that we made the change they suggested. Nobody has changed the way they work, instead, the system adapts to our workflow.

Similar integration services include:

• Integration Consulting: Thought leadership and recommendations on how to set-up integrations with third-party services.

• Integration Configuration: Configure integrations with third-party CRM, Marketing, and BI solutions. Learn more.

• API-level Integration Consulting: Thought leadership and recommendations on how to develop and deploy API configurations.

Gaining Insights Through Reports

Once you have great feedback, we can help you build reports that make it fast and easy for people to understand the data. We can help you build those reports for ongoing surveys or configured reports, and we can do this in the systems you already use.

• Standard Report Configuration: Configure Alchemer standard reports.

• Custom Report & Dashboard Layout/Design: Layout and visual design for custom reports and Tableau dashboards.

• Automated Individual Profile Report: Custom online and pdf report that displays profile details for an individual respondent based on their survey answers. (i.e. personality or skills profile report).

• Automated Individual Assessment Report: Custom online and pdf report that displays assessment results for an individual respondent, based on their survey answers. (i.e. certification assessment).

• Custom Insights Report: Custom online and pdf report that utilizes response scoring, trending, segmenting and more to provide insights into your survey data. Supports reporting for up to 5,000 responses.

• Tableau Dashboard Workbook: Build Tableau Data Prep workflow & Dashboard Workbook utilizing data collected in Alchemer.

Consolidating on One Platform

Most companies use multiple survey solutions to collect feedback. We can help you understand the costs and risks of doing this, and even show you how you can get all of your users engaged as you standardize on one solution.

• NPS Program: Thought leadership on how to design, build and integrate an NPS program into daily business operations in order to operationalize customer feedback

• Employee Engagement: Thought leadership on how to design, build and integrate an Employee Engagement program into daily business operations in order to operationalize employee feedback

Operationalizing and Accelerating

Moving from collecting feedback to operationalizing it throughout your enterprise accelerates the speed at which your company responds to customers and market changes. We can help you understand the benefits of collecting feedback, taking immediate action on that feedback, and then analyzing the root cause of that issue. And do it all without changing the systems you use or the way in which your people act.

If you would rather have your people trained on how to do all this, we can help you there.

Our Training Teaches You How to Turn Surveys into
Actionable Feedback

We can teach you how to move from collecting feedback, to integrating feedback, to gaining insights, even consolidating and operationalizing feedback. In addition, you’ll find that our training programs also inspire people to try new things.

Ultimate Training Events:

At our Ultimate Training events, you can learn with a group of peers. The advantage to these classes is that you get to meet others trying to solve the same challenges, so you can see how somebody in a completely different industry is using the platform. The exchange of ideas can be contagious, and we’ve had customers every bit as excited about what they learned from their peers as what they learned in class.

1-on-1 Trainings:

When you or your team need focused help, custom or standard training with our instructors — either in person or via live chat — can make all the difference. Together we can get you up to speed quickly.

Help Yourself:

Alchemer offers one of the most comprehensive self-help collections on the market. You can learn best practices, what to do next, and what different features can do for you. To see what you can learn, click here.

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