Resource Library: Case Studies

Allrecipes increased Five-star App Store ratings by 80% with Alchemer Mobile. Allrecipes is the number one digital food brand in the world, comprised of user-generated recipes.
GGA Partners uses Alchemer to advise many of the world’s most successful golf courses, private clubs, resorts, and residential communities. Alchemer provides the feedback necessary for data-driven strategic planning.
Gaming companies around the globe use Alchemer for everything from market research to product development to customer satisfaction. One major gaming company used Alchemer to gather feedback on images for
DISH Network uses Alchemer to collect feedback, automate, consolidate, and streamline several business processes. saving the company time and money. They have also integrated Alchemer with SQL and Tableau to
Alchemer provided the accessibility PDRIB needed but could not find anywhere else that allows both visually impaired researchers and respondents to interact with the platform quickly and easily. Alchemer’s accessibility
Using Alchemer, Researchscape developed a successful customer relationship campaign that is still going strong today – and one that has resulted in substantial gains in Net Promoter Score (NPS) and
One of the larger petroleum and energy companies in the USA used Alchemer to collect feedback from systems at refineries across Louisiana and Texas and reduced their Total Recordable Incident
Alkami, a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the U.S., implements Alchemer Mobile’s solution in the mobile apps of hundreds of clients like Advantis Credit Union
The Pilot Flying J product team set a goal to build more features that aligned with what was most important to their loyal customers. In order to connect with their
Over 12 million people rely on WeatherBug for accurate weather reporting to help plan their day. At this scale, achieving a consistently excellent mobile experience is no small feat. WeatherBug

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