Boost engagement, efficiency, and satisfaction across your workforce


Let every department collect and act on employee feedback


Configure surveys for every purpose

Quickly design and deliver powerful, custom surveys for HR, IT, Ops, and more.


Collect feedback at every step

Trigger targeted surveys at the right moments in every employee journey.


Automatically act on survey responses

Send notifications, new surveys, and more, based on survey responses.


Uncover and share powerful insights

Identify trends, share results, and make smarter decisions with better feedback data.


Build engaged, high-performing teams

Go beyond basic engagement surveys with in-depth survey software that connects to the entire employee lifecycle and automates survey delivery.

    • Candidate experience surveys
    • Onboarding, transition, and offboarding surveys
    • Employee engagement surveys
    • Benefits enrollment surveys
    • eNPS surveys

Streamline internal IT service delivery

Efficiently collect structured, contextual feedback that helps you measure performance, satisfaction, and effectiveness—and gives you the data to improve your processes.

    • Service desk and support satisfaction
    • Incident resolution feedback
    • Training and documentation effectiveness
    • Security training and awareness
    • Strategic planning and prioritization

Improve every business process

With continuous feedback from employees and stakeholders, you can unlock deep insights, identify opportunities for improvement, and enhance the way your business operates.

    • Improved customer handoffs
    • Process adherence and improvement
    • Vendor and supplier evaluation
    • Supply chain and logistics
    • Compliance and risk management

Get every team up to speed, faster

Measure the effectiveness of all your training programs, understand employee needs, and ensure your every initiative delivers business-wide results.

    • Pre- and post-training feedback
    • Training needs assessments
    • Skill gap assessments
    • Continuous learning initiatives
    • Training content evaluations

Effortlessly collect high-quality feedback

    • Start with a template, or make your own survey
      Run surveys with just a few clicks using pre-built templates, or create new surveys—and save new templates—for your exact needs.
    • Get actionable data with advanced question types
      With 40+ question types, you can run everything from simple polls to Likert Scales and more—so you get usable answers, not noise.
    • Easily customize surveys with advanced logic
      Create better experiences and collect better data with easy-to-use answer piping, branching paths, skip logic, and more.
    • Reach any workforce, anywhere
      Send surveys through email, web, SMS, kiosks, and more, and ensure every employee is heard, no matter where they work.
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Automatically send surveys based on events across your business

Easily create custom, drag-and-drop workflows that send surveys based on events in your existing software—like your HRIS, CRM, CSM, and more—and make feedback collection effortless.

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Instantly act on survey responses

Based on the responses you get, you can automatically alert stakeholders, trigger new surveys, and kick off more workflows without lifting a finger.


Uncover workforce insights that drive strategic action

    • Quickly analyze feedback data with out-of-the-box reports and powerful visualizations 

    • Customize and share advanced reports for every stakeholder that update in real-time

    • Create insightful reports and quickly segment and filter data to compare results and track trends over time

Integrate with the software you already use

Connect to 600+ business systems and easily automate feedback collection across all your processes in every department.

Award-Winning Enterprise Feedback Software​

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