Alchemer Survey

Enterprise-ready Survey Software That Everyone Can Use

Looking for Self-service Survey Software for Individuals and Small Teams (up to 3 people)?

The Most Flexible, Easy-to-Setup and Easy-to-Use Survey Platform for Departments and Enterprises

For organizations that need more advanced capabilities and reporting than SurveyMonkey and don’t want the cost and complexities associated with Qualtrics, Alchemer Survey strikes the perfect balance.

Its market-leading flexibility, ease-of-use, and speed-to-value lets users drive feedback collection, analysis, and outcomes on day one, without requiring multiple department modules or IT resources. We also provide unlimited surveys and questions, and we don’t charge per response.

“No company or platform is perfect, but Alchemer comes close...Give it a try. Far better than the consumer-grade survey platforms, yet with all the power of a complete enterprise solution”

- G2 Reviewer

Industry Leading Features

More Question Types

Alchemer Survey offers 43 question types, more than anyone in the industry, so you can get the answers you need. In fact, Alchemer offers more than double the industry average, including Max Diff, Image Heatmap, Conjoint, Card Sort, and more. Additionally, Alchemer offers a Custom Question Developer Kit. 

Advanced Logic and Branching

Alchemer Survey includes more than 20 logic and branching options, including Question Piping, Auto-complete Text Responses, Skip Logic, Soft-require Questions, and Custom Scripting, all to help you increase response rates and the quality of those responses. 

Flexible Reporting

Alchemer Survey puts the right information in front of decision makers with our flexible and customizable reporting. Alchemer Survey includes filtered, segmented, and longitudinal reports, and Open Text Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Crosstab, and TURF reports, plus R-Script and SPSS exports.

Industry Leading Usability

Market-leading Flexibility to Meet All Business Needs

Whether you need surveys for customer experience, marketing, market research, product management, employee experience, or operations you’ll find the features you need in Alchemer Survey. Standardize across your company and reduce headaches and cost.

Recognized for Power and Ease

Alchemer Survey is repeatedly recognized by industry analysts and review web sites for flexibility, ease of use, and speed to value. There’s no lengthy implementation. Our onboarding team gets you up to speed and realizing value quickly.

Highly Secure

We deliver a highly secure platform,  powerful enough for any size organization, with ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 Certifications, as well as EU GDPR compliance.

Learn more on our Security Page.

Industry Leading Flexibility

No Modules or Pay-Per-Response Survey Limitations

We don’t believe in limiting the success of your programs or the feedback you collect. We don’t place limitations on the number of surveys or questions, and there are no pay-per-response fees. You can also use Alchemer Survey across your organization for different purposes without paying for specific modules.

Ideal for Quizzes, Polls, Exams, and Questionnaires

Alchemer Survey is intuitive, flexible, and hassle-free so you can easily create quizzes, poles, and questionnaires. It’s also great for academic midterm and final exams, simplifying grading and reporting.

Great for Small Teams and Individuals

If you only need 3 or fewer licenses, no onboarding help, and no integrations, Alchemer Self-Service Survey software can help.


Integrate with the software you already use

Connect to 600+ business systems and easily collect and integrate feedback across all your processes in every department.

Just some of our customers who are transforming their businesses with Alchemer