Introducing Alchemer Self-Service Panels

Reach new or larger audiences quickly and easily with the Alchemer Survey Audience self-service panel tool. With Survey Audience you can select from more than 30 profiling attributes, with no additional costs for getting specific.

So you can find dog owners under 30 living in any metropolitan area, carpoolers in the suburbs, or anything in between. Usually in a day. Plus, prices start at $150 for 50 responses.

Reach high-quality panelists

Unlike other self-service panels, these are not random panelists who responded to surveys in the past (often called call river samples). They’re double opt-in panelists from well-known providers.

You can find Survey Audience in the upper right corner of the Share page of the Alchemer app.

Need professional help?

For bigger projects, the Alchemer Panel Services Team is standing by to help you identify and survey the right people to get the answers you need.

Email or call 1-800-609-6480 to learn more about our Panel Services team.