Basic Training helps you ramp up fast

The Speed of Personalized Training

Alchemer Basic Training is a live, five-hour, virtual training course that is customizable to fit only your company’s needs. The goal of Basic Training is to get your team up to speed quickly through personalized training. Alchemer Basic Training is a virtual course conducted live via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Basic Training Goals

The goals for the Alchemer Basic Training course are to get new users up to speed much quicker, provide a holistic understanding of the platform at a practical level, allow discussion and Q&A, and share useful tips and tricks.

Platform Tour and Feature Synopsis

The first hour of class will take you through the platform and features. We will show you how to get the most from Help documentation, customer support, and Alchemer University. You’ll also learn to build and share a basic survey and more.

Build, Style, Testing, Tools, and Logic

Learn to customize the look and feel of your surveys, best practices for testing to feel confident before you launch, more logic options, and some of our most popular features under the Tools tab.

Distribution, Data Preparation, and Results

Learn to share your survey with respondents and how to prepare data for your final reports. You will also learn about the capabilities of Individual Responses, Standard Reports, and Exports.

Intermediate & Advanced Question Types

Learn about popular intermediate and advanced question types; how to customize the look and functionality of your survey questions; and how to save questions and pages to be reused later.

Actions, Piping, and More

Learn some of our most popular features for taking actions, as well as how piping and repeating works, and what URL variables are and the benefits of using them in your surveys.

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