Sales Motion Optimizer: Get to Know Your Prospects Personally

Your sales motion is the lifeblood of your selling process. When you optimize it, you increase win rates and drive larger deals.

80% of customers say the buying experience is as important as the product when making a buying decision. The Sales Motion Optimizer Solution lets you deliver a hyper-personalized sales experience to your customers. Now close more deals and increase your deal size by putting your customer at the center of your selling process.

The Sales Motion Optimizer includes:

Ten pre-configured, feedback assessments to capture customer feedback

A centralized Sales Motion Portal to share insights and best practices

Full integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

The ability to embed the Sales Motion Optimizer Solution into Salesforce

Safeguarded GDPR and CCPA compliant data

Gold Customer Success Services

With the Sales Motion Optimizer solution, you’ll have the information you need to grow customer relationships, close more and larger deals, grow your team, and build a sales organization that is customer-centric.

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Optimize your Sales Motion

Discover how easily you can optimize your sales motion using the tools you already have in place.

See How to Best Engage With Customers

Unfiltered, real-time feedback data lets you quickly gauge what’s working in your sales-motion process, making it easier to pinpoint areas of improvement and prioritize opportunities. You’ll know how to best engage with your customers and where to focus your training and coaching efforts within your sales teams. And with all your feedback data fully integrated into your CRM, you can quickly upgrade your team’s performance. No matter the deal size or customer stage, each sales rep will be tapping into the same, unified sales process.

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Build a Customer-Centric Sales Organization in 30 Days

Embed customer feedback into every sales decision

With pre-configured assessments for every journey stage, plus customizable workflows, and email notifications, embedding customer feedback into your sales process has never been easier. And with six hours of onboarding coaching from our Professional Services Team, you can roll out a streamlined sales motion process in as little as 30 days.

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Integrate with Your CRM

Round out your CRM data with detailed customer feedback

Full integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics means you can automatically push all feedback into the customer’s record. And because the Sales Motion Portal can be embedded directly into Salesforce, reps can collect and view customer data without having to leave the platform your sales teams uses every day.

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