Client Spotlight: Understanding the Power of Panels with Brian Numainville

September 28, 2017

Welcome back for the second installment of our blog series on panel services. Our first installment centered specifically on what Alchemer Panel Services is, and the many ways it allows researchers and business professionals around the world to conduct sharper research and collect more accurate and actionable data.

For today’s post, we spoke to Brian Numainville, an industry professional with over 20 years of research experience, about the direct benefits panel audiences have on data collection. We also discussed his own personal experiences with the Alchemer Panel Services team.

So, without further ado, we’ll jump right into the interview and hand the microphone over (so to speak) to our very special guest!

Alchemer: So, tell us a little about yourself, Brian.

BN: My name is Brian Numainville.  I am a researcher (PRC certified with the Insights Association) with nearly 25 years of experience.  While I am currently a principal with a consulting firm, I previously developed and ran a research department in a Fortune 500 company in the food industry.  I recently became a Alchemer customer due to the panel offerings.

Alchemer: What type of audience do you usually try to collect when conducting a panel survey? Can you tell me about the typical research you conduct at Retail Feedback Group?

BN: We have used Alchemer for several panel projects. Our practice is mostly focused in the supermarket industry. The first project centered on understanding how satisfied online shoppers were with a wide range of touchpoints during the online shopping experience.  The most recent project was to understand how satisfied supermarket shoppers were with their most recent shopping visit.

Alchemer: What essential features are you looking for in a panel service, and what specific insights are you looking to gain from using a specific target audience?

BN: Part of what attracted us to Alchemer is the personal service offered while planning out the panel project and during its execution. It is great to have someone who you can reach out to at any time during the process. Personal service is key to us!

Alchemer: In your experience, what are the main benefits of using a panel service to conduct research versus other methods of data collection?

BN: A panel is a great way to zero in on specific target audiences.  For instance, finding people that grocery shop online can be somewhat of a challenging endeavor since it is still a relatively small part of the industry. But a panel lets us focus on finding and listening to those shoppers.

Alchemer: What tangible results have you seen from using panels in terms of quality of data gained and its effect on your larger study at hand?

BN: The ability to monitor data while it is coming in and to QA check it throughout the process gives us confidence in the integrity of the data. Alchemer has a clean, customizable, and easy-to-use interface to monitor individual respondent data as it enters the system.

Alchemer: How much of a difference does acquiring a specific target audience through a panel make compared to trying to build that type of audience manually on your own?

BN: In our case, where we only do several national studies per year, it wouldn’t be feasible for us to try to build our own panel. We have a very specific need, but only periodically, so a panel makes much more sense.

Alchemer: How has your experience with the Alchemer panel services team been?

BN: Outstanding!  Bret and his team have been great to work with us, and they are focused on the customer (as is everyone I have dealt with at Alchemer)!

Alchemer: What direct impact have you seen in regards to your company’s revenue and effectiveness within your market by using Alchemer panel services?

BN: The ability to control the entire survey process in-house has made it much more effective for us as opposed to working with an outside research firm and having a great deal of “back-and-forth” during the programming, testing, and fielding of the study.

Alchemer: Did you see a positive impact on the quality of your research and data when you started using Alchemer panel services?

BN: The tools in Alchemer are easy to use and combined with the panel for collecting data makes for a real turnkey service.  It has been a very positive experience.

Alchemer: Does the hands-on element from our panel team at Alchemer give your research an advantage as opposed to other options available on the market?

BN: Yes!  We primarily used another survey tool on the market in the past but they have moved away from hands-on support.  That drove us to look for other options that were a bit more comprehensive with support and service.

Alchemer: In your opinion, what makes Alchemer unique from other panel providers and why do you continue to use Alchemer?

BN: I would have to say the people make Alchemer unique compared to others.  Whether it is help getting the panel arranged, or a question about programming a survey, Alchemer people have been great at responding, going the extra mile, and ensuring that we are satisfied with the outcomes!

Alchemer: Well thanks for stopping by, Brian. We’ve appreciated your insight and thoughts on the value of panels in the business industry and beyond!

BN: Thanks – great to be here and looking forward to continuing our research efforts using Alchemer!

As Brian has shown, panel services can be an invaluable tool when conducting research that needs clean, actionable data on a specific target audience. The Alchemer Panel Services team has been helping researchers and business professionals alike do just that for over 10 years, and constantly brings customers like Brian the most accurate and reliable data possible.

Looking to collect clean data quickly from an audience specific to your unique study? Contact Panel Services to learn more and get a quote today.

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