How to Bring NPS, CES, or CSAT Scores to Life with Activated NPS

For most companies, NPS® (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score), and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores are collected and aggregated to provide an overview of how happy customers are with you and your service or product.

The Question is, how do you look at an aggregated score and see how your biggest or best customers feel about you?

The Answer is to act on each response individually while still evaluating the aggregated overview. In this way you respond to each score, engage the customer, and even close the loop with them (which always makes a customer feel happy and heard).

The Solution is to integrate your NPS, CES, and CSAT responses into the systems you already use. So a response triggers a message to the sales account manager as well as support ticket. From there, you can integrate product requests into your engineering workflow, upgrades into your sales systems, and positive feedback into quotes that help you sell.

Watch our webinar and demo to learn more about Alchemer’s out-of-the-box Activated VoC Solution, including pre-configured surveys and reports. You can also call 1-800-609-6480 or email your account manager ( or sales ( today.

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Increase Renewal Rates and NPS

Pre-configured Activated NPS Solution makes it easy to respond quickly and effectively

The Activated NPS Solution from Alchemer is a complete package that allows you to set up, manage, monitor, and act on your customer feedback using the systems and processes you already use. After we implemented the Activated NPS Solution, we saw:   
> A 15% increase in NPS score in 10 months  
> A 3% reduction in churn in 10 months  
> A 60% reduction in the number of perceived bugs reported by customers 

Learn more about the Activated NPS Solution.

Integrate With Existing Solutions

Alchemer integrates easily with popular enterprise solutions

We have ready-to-go integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Service Cloud, HubSpot, MailChimp, Tableau, Slack, JIRA, and many more. This simplifies the process of building an integrated solution that feeds responses directly into your CRM, support, marketing, visualization, and communications systems. Learn more about Integrations.

See How It Works

Alchemer built the Activated NPS Solution to solve real challenges. See how it works.

The power of the Activated NPS Solution lies in its ability to integrate customer feedback into the systems you already use, so that the right person is notified and can personally respond to the customer faster. In this recording of a webinar and demo, you can see how customer feedback is consolidated across Alchemer’s platform, and how you can address individual feedback while driving larger changes to the overall customer experience.

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