Increase Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Retention with Activated VoC

When a customer believes their feedback is valued, they are much more likely to be engaged customers. This is why collecting and acting on individual customer feedback in a timely manner is essential. However, most companies spend more time aggregating and looking at their Net Promoter Score (NPS®), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) data and customer feedback on a quarterly basis than actually using it immediately.

By aggregating the data, companies slow their ability to react to any customer’s feedback, which can make your customer feel like they haven’t been heard. This can be fatal to mid-sized and growing enterprises. Ask yourself, is your customer feedback program building customer engagement and providing measurable returns on your investment and resource’s time?

The Activated VoC Solution from Alchemer is a complete package designed for growing and mid-sized companies that helps you build a customer feedback program and enables your individual customer’s voice to be heard and responded to. The Solution allows you to automate the collection, workflow, management, and ability to act on customers’ feedback. This is achieved by integrating that feedback with the systems of operations and processes you already use. The intelligent automation of your customer’s feedback and NPS gives time back to your teams so they can focus on what matters most – engaging with your customers.

Users who implemented the Activated VoC Solution saw:   
• A 15% increase in Net Promoter Score in 10 months  
• A 3% reduction in churn in 10 months  
• A 60% reduction in the number of perceived bugs reported by customers 

To learn more about the Alchemer Activated VoC Solution – the perfect customer experience solution for growing and mid-sized companies – download the solution sheet, call 1-800-609-6480 or email your account manager or sales today.

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See how Alchemer Activated VoC Differs

With Activated VoC, you can deliver actionable customer feedback and insight immediately so the right people can respond, react, and innovate in real-time. The result is that your customers feel heard, which is how you turn feedback into gold.

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Key Features

We solve business problems that are difficult to overcome because of common constraints such as resource limitations, IT backlog, or organizational priorities. With our solutions, you take control of your business problem and desired outcomes by putting workflows and processes in place that are automated, safe, and secure. Each solution delivers powerful workflows that wire into the systems and processes you use every day, bringing customers to the center of your processes while consolidating and protecting your data.

All of our pre-packaged solutions are ready to go, with pre-configured surveys, workflows, integrations, and case management to solve your challenges.
• Pre-configured Net Promoter Score survey that leverages industry-leading practices
• Tailored executive and operational level reports that automatically update your stakeholders with the latest data
• Integrations that route feedback into the systems your people use every day
• Automated respondent actions to delight customers
• Easy integrations to BI tools, CRM, Enterprise messaging, and email
• Thought-leadership guides on building VoC surveys, distributing satisfaction surveys, setting up system and process integrations, updating and distributing NPS reports, and using open-text analysis to monitor drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction

The Activated VoC Solution features all the tools your organization needs to integrate feedback into the systems and processes your people use every day to truly bring customers to the core of your businesses.

Integrate with Existing Systems 

Alchemer integrates easily with popular enterprise systems

The Activated VoC Solution package includes integrations with a CRM, like Salesforce; an enterprise messaging tool, like Slack; and a visualization solution such as Tableau. We also have ready-to-go integrations to Microsoft Dynamics, Service Cloud, HubSpot, MailChimp, JIRA, and many more. This simplifies the process of building an integrated solution that feeds responses directly into your CRM, support, marketing, visualization, and communications systems. 

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Get Up and Running in 30 Days

Skip the long setup processes and incomplete implementations

The Alchemer Activated VoC Solution works with the systems you already have in place, so there’s no need for long and expensive implementations. We can get you acting on customer responses within 30 days, and coach you from setup to launch to support the success of your VoC program. Once active, the solution will trigger different workflows depending upon the score, the respondent, and the specific department. 

Call 1-800-609-6480 or email your account manager or sales today.

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