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Building strong Voice-of-the-Customer programs can inform decisions across every aspect of your organization. It gives your customers a voice, so they can help you build a truly customer-centric business – one that’s responsive to their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Alchemer gives you everything you need to build a powerful VoC Program. With it, you can capture, analyze, and act on VoC feedback. Use customer-voice surveys to easily collect VOC feedback from customers at every stage of their journey, then infuse it into everyday operations using the systems you already have in place. 

With unmatched flexibility and a robust feature set, Alchemer lets you ask the right questions at the right time.  Customizable workflows, reports, and integrations allow data from your VoC program to feed initiatives across your business. Alchemer is easy to implement too. The Alchemer platform was voted the easiest to deploy by G2, with go-live times scoring 39% faster than the industry average.  

Isn’t it time to improve your listening skills, act faster on insights, and elevate your business? To find out how Alchemer can help you build a better Voice of the Customer program complete the form on the right or call us at 1-800-609-6480.

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Collect Context-Rich Feedback

With more than 40 question types and advanced survey logic, you’ll put the right VoC survey in front of the right people at the right moments throughout the customer journey. From website popups to social to email, deliver a customized survey experience across all channels. Your customers will feel engaged, and the insights you gather can lead to real change across your organization.

Close the Loop Faster

With Alchemer VoC survey software plus advanced workflows, email triggers, and integrations help you close the loop quickly, elevating positive feedback while notifying the right people when negative feedback is received. And this translates into real value across the entire customer journey.

Collaborate Securely

To foster a culture of communication and collaboration, you need to build your voice-of-the-customer program to inform departments across your organization with VoC feedback.  However, not every employee needs access to all your data. With flexible security-based user, team, and role designations, you have complete control of who can build and edit collection mechanisms, modify workflows, and consume data. Alchemer has extensive security measures and privacy protocols that make it easy to be compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and other security standards and regulations.

Visualize Your Data

Alchemer delivers data visualization capabilities that allow you to filter and segment your data by market, customer, interaction point, and more. By putting a narrative to your data, you can create voice-of-the-customer reports that enable all key stakeholders to quickly understand what they’re seeing, and more importantly, how they can take action on it.

Integrate with Everyday Systems

Alchemer helps you integrate feedback into the systems that already drive your business (such as Salesforce, Service Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Tableau, and HubSpot). Our open API allows you to build custom integrations, so you have unlimited flexibility in data movement. By integrating great feedback into core systems, you can immediately take action on the VoC feedback you receive. 

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The Voice-of-the-Customer platform with all the tools you need

You probably already know what a VoC program is, why you need to have one, and the benefits that are expected to come from implementing one. Now, it’s time to execute. Alchemer offers the power and flexibility to set up a VOC program that fits your unique business and customers. Alchemer supports you at all points of your VoC program execution.

To learn more, call us at 1-800-609-6480 or complete the form at the top of the page. If you want to give Alchemer a trial, click the button below.

Why Listening to Your Customers is So Important

A business that takes the input of their customers into consideration will go a long way. Here’s why:

Customer Retention

Just because your customer is already buying your products, doesn’t mean they will keep doing it. Not everyone who buys your wares is a champion for you. In some cases, even the existence of an alternative or a competitor can compromise their loyalty.

Using an effective VoC program will help you determine what exactly it is that you’re doing right and how you can keep on doing it so the people who are already buying your products will continue to do so in the long run.

Feedback Management

In an age where customers have all the platforms they need to say what they want about a business. Without channels that directly link their feedback to you, they will opt to get the word out using review sites and social media. Sure, when the reviews are good, this can spark organic interest in your brand. And when the comments are less than ideal, these reviews could get a lot of traction even before they reach you.

When you use a VoC feedback platform, you can address these bad reviews as they come. Your customers will also appreciate the proactive approach so they won’t have to use other, more public means of giving you negative comments.

Refocusing the Lens

Getting to know your customers is never a bad thing. For one, it can help refocus your marketing strategies if your current customer base has already changed from the buyer persona you came up with when you began the business years ago.

Increasing Interaction

The more points of interaction your business can have with your customers, the better. Using surveys or other Voice-of-the-Customer programs increases the chances of engaging with your customers. This means more facetime and retention for your brand.

Alchemer for Voice of the Customer Programs

Alchemer offers capabilities that allow you to collect feedback from customers at all stages of their journey. It doesn’t matter what the size of your organization is. From start-ups to large, enterprise businesses, we have solutions that will fit your unique organization to provide huge benefits: We do this in a few ways:

Scalable Solution

Have 100 customers? Or 1,000? Or 1,000,000? It doesn’t matter with Alchemer. Collect feedback from all of your customers as many times as you’d like, and pay the same price. We want you to be successful when collecting and analyzing all data that will be important to your VOC efforts, and don’t want you to pay more when you are.

Collaboration and Security

Collection of customer feedback should span multiple departments to break down silos and foster communication and collaboration. However, that doesn’t mean every employee should have access to modify processes or be able to see all data that exists. Alchemer allows you to determine who is able to build and edit collection mechanisms, modify workflows, and consume data with flexible security-based user, team, and role designations.

Data Visualization

Customer feedback is great to collect, but if you can’t understand what the data actually means, no action can actually be taken. Benefits to your business will be difficult to measure if they’re there. Alchemer’s data visualization capabilities allow you to filter and segment your data by market, customer, interaction point, and more and put a narrative to your data so all key stakeholders will understand exactly what they’re seeing, and more importantly, will find it actionable.

Integration Capabilities

Alchemer can help you collect and take action on customer feedback data, but we know there might be other sources of data that you find useful to work into your strategy. Our enterprise integrations, like Salesforce, Hubspot, Tableau, and more, will allow you to work with your data in a variety of systems. Our open API also allows you to build custom integrations so you have unlimited flexibility in data movement.

Let Alchemer help you implement a successful Voice of the Customer program today!

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