Webinar: 5 Mobile Customer Feedback Strategies for Finance Apps

June 24, 2021

Banking, fintech, and insurance companies are uniquely positioned to build relationships with mobile consumers—but few tap into their app’s full potential, leaving missed connection opportunities on the table. If you’re in finance, it’s time to reevaluate how you use your app for feedback collection and relationship building.

In this webinar, Veronica Rosenberg, Manager of Alchemer Mobile (formerly Apptentive)’s Customer Success team, and Marta Mueller, Alchemer Mobile (formerly Apptentive) Customer Success Manager, share the strategies the world’s most successful finance apps use to gather and act on mobile customer feedback.

You’ll learn:

  • How the last year impacted mobile finance behavior
  • Why capturing and acting on customer feedback is key to growth
  • 5 tactics best-in-class finance apps use to gather and act on mobile customer feedback

Veronica and Marta will also share findings from Alchemer Mobile (formerly Apptentive)’s annual mobile app engagement benchmark report, which is created for companies seeking to understand how their customer feedback and engagement metrics stack up against their marketplace. The 2021 report includes data from 862 iOS and Android apps with 5,000+ active users, with a focus on the finance app category.


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