Tips and Tricks for Returning to Work

June 22, 2021

You can use Alchemer to smooth out your company’s return to work and the office. But there are six things we’ve learned from our own experience and things our customers have shared that make it easier. 

1. Be honest. None of us have lived through this before, so it’s new for everybody. Let your employees know that you’re figuring this out as you go, just like everybody else. Nobody has tested best practices yet.  

2. Automate. Use the Alchemer Return-to-Work Solution to automate and simplify the process. The solution includes daily Return-to-Work assessments, temperature recording, daily and cumulative reports, desk reservations, and visitor and contractor requests. Learn more here. 

3. Mobilize. Make sure employees and visitors can complete your daily health assessment on a mobile device. This will allow them to complete it in the parking lot or even at the door.    

4. Simplify. Create a QR code that takes employees to the daily health assessment. Print out the QR code and put it at every entrance. This allows people who forget to do the health assessment at home to quickly complete it at the office. When we did this at Alchemer, our compliance went from 60-70% to well over 90%.  

5. Plan ahead. Leave lots of lead time for vendors to fulfill requests. Many of them are returning to work or staffing up and things could take longer. 

6. Be patient. People have created new habits over the past 14 months and returning to work is now a new habit people must get used to.  

Establishing rules and holding to them will help people feel more comfortable and help them develop new habits. Tracking attendance helps with contact tracing, should somebody develop symptoms.  

It’s a brave new world we’re all entering together. Take care of each other. 

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