The practical approach to citizen feedback

How state and local government can get more from citizen feedback  

Engaging our citizens: A practical approach to government feedback management 

In today’s fast-paced world, your citizens and constituents need to know they’ve been heard just as much as you need to hear them. They’re less concerned about the surveys, polls, charts, and graphs their feedback helps create than they are in hearing you reply, “Interesting, can you tell us more?” Effective communication is not just about collecting data; it’s about responding to it meaningfully. 

The importance of responding to citizen feedback 

Even if your organization collects data purely for research purposes, feedback from your citizens deserves a response. However, staffing a response center around the clock isn’t feasible for most. The challenge is to respond automatically without sounding like an automated response.  

The solution lies in a practical, outcome-based approach to gathering and acting on citizen feedback promptly. This ensures your constituents feel heard and engaged, while your organization makes timely, data-driven decisions. 

Implementing a practical feedback approach 

This approach enables government organizations to hear from citizens across their website, app and beyond. It allows you to respond to feedback while correlating all data to understand the best larger course of action. The key is to find a system that is easy to implement, integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, and is always on. 

Unlike many “complete” engagement solutions, which are often expensive and difficult to implement due to their complexity, a practical feedback system should be straightforward to use and flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs. The right solution will start showing value within a month. If your implementation takes longer, it’s a sign you may need to reconsider your provider. 

The reality of “complete” feedback solutions 

For years, companies have promised “complete” feedback solutions, claiming to manage every interaction with your organization. However, these systems often fall short. They require you to reformat how your existing systems capture and store data, making them inflexible and fragile. 

Setting up this system typically involves hiring expensive professional services to ensure compatibility with your current data. This can lead to higher costs and delays in the implementation process. 

Key factors in choosing the right citizen feedback solution 

When selecting a feedback management solution, consider these three critical factors: 

  1. Security and Privacy: Ensure the solution guarantees data security and compliance with relevant data protection regulations. It is very important to protect the personal information of your citizens and staff. Don’t take any chances with a solution that is not secure. 
  1. Customer Support and Training: Evaluate how quickly most accounts see value. This indicates ease of use and the quality of training resources and onboarding support. Customer reviews can also provide insights into the quality of customer support. 
  1. Scalability and Affordability: Focus on your current needs and choose a solution that can scale with your organization’s growth. Avoid solutions that charge extra for responses or limit usage across different departments.  


Starting small, demonstrating real value, and growing from there is the best path for effective citizen feedback management. This approach allows you to prove the solution works for you and shows a return on a smaller investment. Many organizations seek faster and more affordable ways to show results because a year later, they have yet to demonstrate value. Get what you need today and expand as you prove the value of your practical citizen feedback solution. 

By taking a practical approach to citizen feedback, your organization can make informed decisions. This ensures your actions reflect the needs and concerns of your constituents. This not only enhances engagement but also builds trust and fosters a stronger community. 

Find out how the City of Salem, Oregon has integrated feedback management across their entire organization to allow them to move faster and be more efficient all while staying connected to their community.

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