The Sales Solution for When Your Customers Say, “I Already Told You That!”

March 12, 2021

One of the biggest pain-points for most sales teams is the hand-off from sales to customer success or account management. How do you transfer several weeks or months of conversations in one meeting? Especially if all those notes aren’t documented in your CRM? Most hand-offs leave a lot behind and a lot of information that just gets lost. Which results in customers feeling like they must start all over again or they haven’t been heard.  

Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales is designed to help sales teams build hyper-personalized relationships with customers throughout the entire relationship. 

“It’s so frustrating to feel you have already told a company what you want and need, and they don’t seem to remember,” says Susan McGovern, Vice President of Customer Value and Enablement at Alchemer. “This happens all the time, especially when you’ve had a long sales cycle, a hand-off, or a long relationship. You have so many opportunities to capture information, and just as many to lose it. Something almost always gets lost or forgotten.” 

Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales addresses the biggest pain points of hand-offs and personalizes your relationship with your customers. It captures feedback throughout the sales journey in the customers’ own words, so you don’t have to rely on the memory of internal team members. Everything is documented, from the first discovery through renewal and beyond. 

“In a recent report, found that 73% of business customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations,” explains Vanessa Bagnato, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Alchemer. “Customer Engagement for Sales solves this problem by empowering sales teams of all sizes and roles to capture customer feedback at defined stages throughout the customer relationship.” 

Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales works through a dedicated Customer Engagement portal that is integrated directly into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Your team can initiate, receive, review, and share feedback within the system they already use. In addition, all workflows, customer assessments, and handoff surveys can be prepopulated with additional account information already stored in your CRM. 

“With Customer Engagement for Sales, we can capture accurate information directly from customers without relying on the salesperson’s interpretation of what was said,” adds Susan. 

“The problem many sales teams encounter is finding a solution that makes it easy for all customer-facing sales members to capture customer feedback in an organized and consistent way, so that data can be easily analyzed and is fully integrated back into a CRM without manual entry,” according to Vanessa. “The Customer Engagement for Sales solution pre-populates account details, gives sales the ability to personalize the content, collects feedback directly from the customer, and then pushes all the data back into a CRM without the salesperson forgetting to manually enter the feedback or misinterpreting what was said.” 

“Time to value is everything,” explains Susan. “And customers want results as fast as possible. This solution pushes everything you need for a successful hand-off from pre-sales (or sales development) to sales, or to legal, professional services, finance, customer success, and anybody else needed to close the deal or help the customer get results quickly.” 

Meeting the needs, goals, and challenges of each customer is one goal of customer-centric selling. It also helps with longer sales and customer lifecycles. Over an 18-month sales cycle, players can change. The same is true once a customer has been with you for a while. There’s a good chance the person you started with will get promoted or find a new position, and the same might be true on your sales team. When that happens, Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales provides easy access to all the reasons a customer first chose you, along with all you’ve done for that customer. That way you can bring everybody who is new to the account up to speed and keep things humming along. 

“Customers buy for a certain reason, but those needs evolve,” explains Susan. “This solution lets everybody understand the needs in the customer’s own words. It’s how you personalize each customer’s journey, shorten the sales cycle, and improve internal communications. Every customer wants to be treated like an individual. Now we can do that.” 

To learn more about Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales, click here. 

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