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The Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales solution enables small and mid-sized organizations to hyper-personalize every facet of your customer relationships. By standardizing and unifying captured customer feedback for immediate analysis and review within your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Alchemer gives you the power to make every customer feel like your favorite customer.

Customer Engagement for Sales Teams

Your Customers are a “Me”
Not a “We”

Empower. Empathize. Engage. With Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales. 

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One of the big challenges for sales today is that sales teams are not fully engaged with their customers. This means that any changes in your account team usually result in discovering incomplete customer profiles, massive knowledge gaps, and low-quality information. So the new person on the account has to start all over learning their customers’ expectations and problems, and how to meet their needs.  

As you can imagine, this is no way to keep customers happy.  

Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales solves this problem by empowering sales teams in small and mid-size companies to capture customer feedback at defined stages throughout the customer relationship. Your team can capture a prospect’s first interaction with a sales development rep all the way through to ongoing engagement with a customer success manager.  

All of the captured relationship data and customer feedback are immediately recorded in your CRM, allowing any customer-facing team member to get the full history of the account easily. 

Work Inside Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 

The solution works through a dedicated Customer Engagement portal integrated directly into your Sales CRM, so your team can gather and review feedback within the system they already use. All of the workflows, customer assessments, and handoff surveys are there, prepopulated with the account information you’ve already stored. 

Empower Your Sales Team 

Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales empowers your sales team by making it easy to collect the information they need to understand the voice of each customer. This allows salespeople to create hyper-personalized customer engagements with each customer throughout the entire relationship. You no longer need the resources of a large enterprise to personalize your sales experience. Let Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales help you take better care of each customer. Individually.

To start treating your customers like a “me” and not a “We” fill out the form to the right or call 1-800-609-6480 today. 

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Start Treating Each Customer like a Person, Not a Persona

The person on the other end of every sales call wants to be treated like a friend or colleague, not a target, prospect, or ideal customer persona. They all have a challenge they’re trying to solve, not just budget to spend. Sometimes that challenge is bigger than the reason they reached out to your sales team. The Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales is how you learn what they need. 

Personalized Communication and Assessments 

Everything is pre-configured and in one place, from pre- and post-demo assessments, qualification notes, to onboarding feedback, business reviews, and post-training assessments. Customer communication and workflows are also pre-configured, and each customer-facing message can be fully personalized by the sales rep. 

Customer-Centric Selling 

Customer-centric selling focuses completely on the needs, goals, and challenges each individual customer is trying to solve. Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales helps you achieve this by making it easy for your sales team to collect and share everything they learn about their accounts. Armed with this information, you can understand how current and prospective customers think and then build an evolving relationship based on that knowledge. 

Engage More 

Sales reps, customer success managers, and account managers can all engage with customers to capture feedback at a point in time so they can immediately make an impact on customers’ experiences. All customer feedback is immediately pushed into your CRM, adding the history to their record. This way your CRM will be the single source of truth for your customers. 

Make Handoffs Productive 

Avoid bottlenecks and unhappy customers when transitioning a customer between teams, such as from a sales rep to a customer success manager or to a training or onboarding specialist. Put standardized handoff processes and notifications in place, so customer details and needs are clearly transitioned. 

You no longer need the resources of a large enterprise to make your sales experience completely customer-centric. Let Alchemer Customer Engagement for Sales help you take better care of each customer. Individually.   

Ready to start treating your customers like a person and not a persona? Fill out the form above or call 1-800-609-6480 today. 

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