A Teaching Hospital Turns to Alchemer to Find Audiences

January 20, 2021

One of the largest, oldest, and highest ranked surgical teaching hospitals in the U.S. regularly uses the Alchemer Panels team to survey the general public about health and wellness issues.  

As a teaching hospital, much of their research is shared with other surgeons and hospitals around the world. Consequently, for these scientific research projects, it is very important to get an accurate representation of the U.S. population. 

Surveying the Public at Large 

One large project conducted with Alchemer asked the general public questions about: 

  • How much they exercise? 
  • What conditions they may suffer from? 
  • How those conditions impact their ability to get exercise? 
  • Have they taken any educational courses to learn about health? 
  • What platforms would they prefer to learn about health? 
  • What health topics they are interested in increasing their knowledge about? 

For this project it was very important to the researchers that they surveyed a diverse audience of genders, age groups, ethnicities, incomes, and locations. 

The research is still being compiled and analyzed, and the reports should be available later this year. 

Hearing from Health Practitioners 

Another project the researchers at this hospital ran with Alchemer was targeted towards Health Practitioners Education needs. Studies involving highly specialized audiences, especially very busy professionals such as medical doctors, physician assistants, osteopaths, and chiropractors generally cost a great deal more than general population surveys. 

In this very specialized study, the hospital researchers asked:  

  • What (if any) board certifications the practitioner had? 
  • How many Continuing Medical Education credits they participated in an average year? 
  • Why they participated (was it required or not)? 
  • What gaps they found in current programs? 
  • What medical conditions they encounter most often in their practice? 
  • Which education platforms and formats they preferred? 

Requiring Different Panels Expertise 

Both of these surveys required very different expertise from the Alchemer Panels team. The general population survey required careful balancing of income levels and genders because certain audiences are more likely to respond quickly, and without a watchful eye, they can skew the results by answering before other audiences begin to respond.  

With highly specialized audiences, the demands are different. First, such a specialized audience is hard to find in great numbers, as they represent about three percent of the population. They are also less likely to respond to surveys quickly, given that their time is very valuable.  

Consequently, sourcing these audiences in statistically valid numbers typically requires a good deal of work, reaching out to different panel firms to get the right blend. 

How to Work with the Alchemer Panels Team 

While complex and unusual projects make for the most interesting stories, the panels group also helps everybody from consumer-packaged goods (CPG) firms to gaming companies. They have helped companies find audiences all around the world – Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and North America. They can help with surveys to specific zip codes, cities, states, countries, and continents.  

To contact the Alchemer Panels Team, click here or call 1-800-609-6480 today. 

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