Surveying the TikTok Generation

April 19, 2021

You want to connect with GenZ and see what they think? Better forget emailing them essay questions. 

By Steve Snyder, Director of Product Marketing at Alchemer

There’s only one way to reach GenZ – the TikTok generation – and that’s where they live, work, and play. On their phones. And once you get them to take your survey, you can’t ask them to write an essay on their phones. That’s just cruel (and a really good way to lose quality respondents).

That’s exactly why Alchemer offers SMS Survey Distribution and Video Feedback Questions. In short, SMS Survey Distribution lets you message people on their phones, which dramatically improves response rates. Especially with GenZ. Video Feedback Questions allow people used to Zoom, FaceTime, and recording Velfies (video selfies) to answer questions in a way they’re comfortable. It also gives you all the nonverbal communication that is lost in essay questions.

Alchemer SMS Survey Distribution

To make it easier to increase response rates – even for difficult-to-reach demographics like GenZ – take advantage of Alchemer SMS Survey Distribution. The SMS Survey Distribution is fully managed and does not charge for opt-out messages. There are also no additional costs when a message breaks into two, due to the length of content.

You can buy SMS messages in blocks of 10,000 with 20 unique, long-code phone numbers. You aren’t limited to short-code (five-digit) numbers that are often shared for multiple companies.

This allows you to send up to 4,000 messages per day, with high deliverability (sending more than 4,000 a day may trigger a carrier to block your sending phone number permanently). When you send your first 10,000 messages, you can purchase additional blocks that are good for the length of your current contract.  

Alchemer Video Feedback

You can also replace essay questions with Alchemer Video Feedback Questions, which enable people to respond quickly while also capturing the visual cues and verbal nuances you need to get the whole story. You also receive transcripts and sentiment scoring. You get add Video Feedback Questions to your survey in pre-purchased lots of 250 minutes.

Video Feedback Questions are easy to add to any survey. You can limit the length and set your budget, so that you don’t get hit with unexpected charges or overages. Your audience responds within the survey – they’re not redirected out to another website. 

Feedback is sent for transcription and sentiment analysis as it comes in, and you receive the final transcript along with the video responses and accompanying sentiment analysis once ready. Powered through IBM Watson, the sentiment analysis uses machine learning along with natural language processing to identify sentiments expressed in each response. 

Extend Your Reach and Breadth

Even if you’re not aiming for GenZ or TikTok enthusiasts, adding SMS Survey Distribution and Video Feedback Questions will improve your response rates and deliver richer responses. Both products require an annual license, and the blocks you buy are good for the length of your current subscription.

You can learn more here.

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