How In-app Customer Feedback Helps Drive Revenue and Inform Your Product 

AppFollow and Alchemer Mobile Customers Explain Why Responding to Feedback is so Valuable 

Alchemer Mobile was proud to recently co-host a webinar with AppFollow, with guests from Ouro and Flo.Health, devoted to driving business via customer feedback. Our hosts and guests discussed why app and website feedback is essential, how to segment your audience, and then shared customer stories of increasing revenue by listening and responding to customer feedback.

Why Collecting Customer Feedback is Essential

AppFollow Customer Growth Team Lead Karen Taborda kicked us off by talking about how Product Managers can gain insights from customer feedback. 

  • Positive feedback: Can help validate features made and identify opportunities to double-down.
  • Negative feedback: Can help identify bugs or potential improvements. 

Alchemer Mobile Founder and GM Robi Ganguly followed up by emphasizing the importance of both public and private responses to customer feedback. He emphasized that responding to public feedback was a first step for the business to meet customer expectations. “All the feedback that occurs in a public manner has that opportunity to improve how people see you and to set an expectation. But then in private feedback, you have the opportunity to really deepen that trust.” 

Robi believes that public forums aren’t the best venue to diagnose complex customer challenges or resolve difficult issues. But private forums offer the space to not only solve the challenge, but engender trust and build longer (and better) customer value. Feedback platforms like Alchemer Mobile offer that private forum to message customers 1:1, in a behavioral segment (e.g. loyalty rewards members), or at scale. 

“Your customers help you build a better product. And then as more people use that product, your app has a direct revenue impact on the business.” 

Robi cites mobile order and pay as an example of why listening to customer feedback is essential. Ten years ago, mobile order and pay didn’t exist. But because of COVID and technology advances, mobile order and pay became a necessity for many businesses. “Having mobile order and pay is fundamentally better for everyone in the ecosystem. That’s an example of where listening to private feedback — closing the loop with customers — helped brands innovate and go to a completely new place with their product.” 

Segment Customers to Find the Most Valuable Feedback  

Karen and Robi both mentioned the importance of segmenting the group of users from whom you are soliciting feedback. It’s important to ask only the exact type of user the question to which you want a response. 

Karen mentioned that platforms like AppFollow help parse feedback data from ratings and reviews, and supply back categories of feedback, saving time for the end user to see the themes emerging from ratings and reviews. “AppFollow clients build categories designed through the use of AI. The platform summarizes the results so users can see the most reoccurring feedback.” 

Robi mentioned that there’s been a big change in the CX space — going from emailed surveys with low response rates to your entire audience to segmented, targeted in-app surveys only to the select group from whom you want to solicit feedback. Segmentation empowers CX, Marketing, and Product teams to find exactly the right customer and then solicit exactly the type of feedback you need to improve marketing campaigns, inform your product roadmap, or get any other type of feedback imaginable.  

How Customers Drove Revenue for their Business  

AppFollow customer Dina Barysevich with Flo.Health spoke about her process of responding to rating and review feedback using the AppFollow platform.  

Flo.Health started using AppFollow to help them respond to technical questions that were mistakenly coming in through ratings and reviews. The platform helped them manage the reviews at scale and ended up helping users adopt their software. 

“Automatic text, replies, and tags are my favorite after using AppFollow for five years. They save me a lot of time and the reports are useful to share with my team.” 

Alchemer Mobile customer David Flynn from Ouro expanded on the topic of feedback from saving time to driving real revenue for the business. Ouro is in the neo banking space and needed to create a digital experience to rival the impact of an in-bank visit.  

Their digital experience focused on driving digital word of mouth — influencing customers and prospects to talk about the product. First, Ouro used Alchemer Mobile to test ad creative, refining their messaging to prospects. Second, Ouro prompted reviews from users after a successful interaction on the app, driving up their positive ratings and reviews. 

The focus on driving digital word of mouth was successful. Just in Q3 of 2023, Ouro saw a 12% increase in organic conversions directly related to their work around building word-of-mouth. 

Their ratings and reviews also improved. Within 9 weeks, Ouro was able to improve their blended ratings from 2.1 to a 4.8 in the app stores. That put them at the top of a very competitive category. By focusing on word of mouth as the driving force behind their digital experience, Ouro not only provided value to their customers, but drove revenue for the business as well.  

Watch the Webinar On-Demand  

To learn more about how AppFollow and Alchemer Mobile customers leverage customer feedback to drive revenue, watch the webinar on-demand. The webinar details ways these customers used the platforms to put feedback to use — for CX teams, marketing teams, and product teams — all to drive more revenue for the business. 

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