Alchemer Mobile

(Formerly Apptentive)

Capture actionable customer feedback within your mobile app

Retain more of your customers with the fastest and easiest in-app feedback product

Expand your feedback channels and broaden your customer reach with Alchemer Mobile (formerly Apptentive), a customer-feedback product that you can integrate natively with your mobile apps. By listening to customers across the channels where they are the most responsive, including those who use your mobile app, you can better identify areas of improvement to increase customer retention.

Alchemer Mobile helps product managers, UX researchers, product marketing, and customer experience professionals gather actionable feedback to improve customer engagement, retention, and experience. This is why many of the biggest brands in the world, including, CNN, JetBlue, eBay, Safeway, Marriott, and FanDuel trust Alchemer Mobile to engage and understand their mobile customers.


In addition, developers love our iOS and Android SDKs that allow for fast and easy integration with mobile apps, letting you:

    • Capture feedback in real time
    • Improve Apple App and Google Play Store ratings
    • Measure real-time shifts in emotion and engagement
    • Communicate in-app with your customers

"Alchemer Mobile (formerly Apptentive) gives us a platform to pull all of our mobile customers' voices into one channel and gives us an overall picture of what they say, how we can improve, and how to build our strategy on it. We love the great responses and positive feedback, but we see a huge benefit from the critical responses and how we can improve."

- Katie Rice, Product at JetBlue

Powerful, Actionable Mobile Customer Feedback


Listen to feedback in real-time across your mobile app to track the voice of your customer and evaluate shifts in emotion


Route feedback appropriately to increase retention and make customer-centric product decisions


Gain insights across your mobile channels in real-time and learn the "why" behind customer feedback


Let customers know you heard them and are acting on their feedback to improve retention and engagement

Why So Many Major Brands Use Alchemer Mobile

We do mobile better

Alchemer Mobile is optimized for mobile, consolidating your app-store ratings and reviews, in-app customer feedback, emotion data, and key metrics in one dashboard. Alchemer Mobile enables you to capture feedback in-app and to close the loop on customer feedback at scale.

Realize value immediately

Alchemer Mobile customers realize measurable results within 24 hours of integration, particularly around surveys, app store ratings, and reviews. Once integrated, you can create surveys in minutes or get a statistically significant response in hours.

SDK for iOS and Android

Our iOS and Android SDKs are well-maintained, easy to integrate, and well-documented. Our experts provide hands-on guidance ensuring you launch quickly and successfully. Integrating the Alchemer Mobile SDK can be done in less than four hours per app.

Hear from and respond to the right customers

Truly powerful targeting enables you to reach the right consumer at precisely the right time in their experience. Only Alchemer Mobile allows you to layer event data, sentiment, previous interactions/responses, person and device data, and custom data for mobile audience targeting.

Close the feedback loop and take action

Close your customer feedback loop with powerful yet easy-to-use interaction targeting. Segment customers who have already responded in a specific way and target them for in-app follow-up. Let them know their voices have been heard by presenting curated, targeted offers or messages.

Measure real-time shifts in emotion

Predict churn and retain customers at risk by measuring real-time shifts in emotion. Our customers using sentiment analysis see 4X lower churn rates, a 15% increase in in-app message click-through rates, 3X higher average monthly spend per customer, and a 5% savings on ad spend.

Everything You Need to Improve Retention and Engagement

Sentiment Analysis

Identify key moments when mobile customer emotions shift so you can intervene at the right time with the right message. Fan Signals® lets you measure shifts in customer emotion to predict churn, retain those at risk, and nurture your biggest fans.

Ratings & Reviews

Effectively target mobile customers who love your app, encouraging them to leave positive reviews and drive five-star ratings. Rapidly boost customer acquisition and reputation by targeting the right customers at the right times within your app experience.


Alchemer Mobile surveys are optimized for mobile with precise targeting, so you can gather a high volume of quality responses from the right customers to make faster data-driven decisions. Customers see an average survey response rate of 13%.

Notes & Actions

Notes are a powerful feature that allow you to take action, driving customer engagement, providing rewards and incentives, and improving in-app customer communication.

Message Center

Turn your mobile app into a direct-connection channel with Alchemer Mobile's two-way messaging capability.


Visualize your customer feedback, emotion data, and key metrics in easy-to-use dashboards to spot trends and make faster decisions using our powerful analytics.

Mobile product managers who add Alchemer Mobile to their products see:

4x lower mobile customer churn when using Sentiment Analysis

An average 4.7-star app store rating

70% higher 30-day retention rate than the average mobile app

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