Employee Engagement – How to Field Anonymous Surveys by Department

Survey Tips
March 18, 2021

by Cameron Settle

When people talk about customer centricity, do you immediately think of your employees? Most companies don’t view their employees as a critical component when it comes to gathering insight into the customer experience or even as a brand ambassador. However, employees provide valuable insights into the customer experience. And, are often overlooked in terms of gathering feedback.  

Whether you want to deliver a survey to your employees to gather important feedback on the customer experience, or a survey to gather feedback on the employee experience inside departments within your organization, we have a solution! 

When building a survey for your organization, it’s common to want the option to make the feedback completely anonymous. There are several ways that you can accomplish this anonymity. Before we proceed with the examples, let’s go into the exact information that is withheld when building an anonymous survey.  

  • IP Addresses 
  • Geo-Location Data 
  • Email Invite Data 
  • Response IDs are remitted from Email Invite Status Logs 
  • Session ID 

Important considerations before you begin! 

When you enable the Anonymous Survey Setting below, this cannot be undone, even by the support team. This is important to note, especially in surveys where data is already collected.  

Click Here to Learn How to Enable Anonymous Survey Setting

Option 1: Create Tracking Links For Each Department 


  • Allows for segmentation of responses in Standard Reports.  


  • Tracking links are typically sent by a system of your choice (not by our Email Campaign System, see Option 2).  

To learn more about Tracking Links and how to set these up, head over to our documentation below. 


Option 2: Create Email Campaigns For Each Department 
  • Allows for segmentation of responses of Standard Reports.         
  • Reminder Emails can be scheduled. 
  • When delivering an anonymous survey through our email campaign feature, we don’t allow for visibility into who has taken the survey to protect the anonymity of respondents. 

Option 3: Create a question in the survey, identifying which department they are from 

  • Can use a single tracking link or a single email campaign, the department identification question in the survey would instead be used.  
  • Segments are also available to use in Standard Reports, based on the department question within your survey.  
  • If you use this method, you cannot separate your email contacts into departments. Instead, this allows the respondent to identify his / her department instead. 

If you’d like to learn more about segmenting response data by department, please visit the guide below. 


If you have any questions about the features mentioned in this article, please reach out to our support team. How to contact support 

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