Alchemer Panels Help Coronavirus Research Find New Audiences

Customer Story
April 28, 2020

By Bret Kershner, Panel Program Manager, Alchemer

When the market researchers at Sahler Research wanted to assess the changes in spending and behavior related to coronavirus, they saw China as a roadmap for consumer spending in the USA.

“China is at least several months ahead of the U.S. on its journey to more normalized consumer behavior,” said CEO Kelley Buechel. They contacted the Alchemer panels team to find one audience halfway around the world and another audience in the U.S. during a time when travel is difficult.

The White Glove Treatment

The Alchemer panels team is available to help customers find the right audiences to deliver results, especially when you need more in-depth screening conditions and custom-segmented quotas or international respondents. The Alchemer panels team has access to tens of millions of respondents in more than 80 countries, which can be accessed within minutes. They will work with you to ensure that you receive only your customized audience. They can deliver panels of just about any size around the world.

The panels team can help you reach very niche consumers, including business professionals from a multitude of industries. If you need to reach a B2B audience, the team can find it for you.

In addition, the panels team are also expert survey builders, so they can share best practices to maximize the quality of each response, so you get the results you need.

The Self-Service Option

For researchers wanting general targeting, without an in-depth screening, Alchemer offers a self-service Survey Audience solution. Survey Audience allows survey builders to find a new demographic or audience quickly and easily. Once a survey builder finishes their survey, they have the option to target panelists by selecting from more than 30 profiling attributes. These panelists always come from double-opt-in survey panels from well-known providers, rather than “river samples” from past surveys (respondents who have previously agreed to answer other surveys). This service is currently only available for North American audiences.

Pricing is based on the length of the survey and the number of respondents, and there are no additional charges for selecting any number of profiling attributes until the specified audience is defined. Profiling categories range from basic demographics to criteria including automotive preferences, media consumption, hobbies, interests, ethnicity, and education. This feature reduces the cost for survey creators to reach smaller groups.

Seeing Changes in Isolation Behavior

For larger, international research, such as the work Sahler Research is undertaking, working with the Alchemer panels team delivered the results they needed. The Alchemer team found audiences in China and the U.S. for Sahler so they could track consumer behavior on two continents.

“Our March data suggests that roughly 45% of respondents were very likely to visit a restaurant over the next month, which could suggest some pent-up demand,” noted Kelley Buechel. “Another positive, overall normalization showed signs of improvement with roughly 25% of Chinese consumers said their routine was already normalized as of late March, versus 20% in February.”

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