Introducing Alchemer Workflow – the Fastest, Easiest, Most Effective Way to Close the Loop With Customers and Employees

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By David Roberts, CEO, Alchemer

Today, Alchemer releases a product that changes the CX industry – Alchemer Workflow. For a few years, we have been committed to helping our customers drive action from feedback, and this new product brings us closer to the manifestation of that promise. When you engage with our survey product, you think, “collect valuable information.” When you engage with our workflow product, you will think, “what should I do with the valuable information that I collect?”

From the day I arrived at Alchemer, I have thought about how the industry moves beyond simple surveys and simple analysis. Analysis is important if it leads to closing the loop with the customers and employees who provide valuable feedback. Unfortunately, organizations have become consumed with tuning and adjusting feedback dashboards in hopes that increased precision increases a bias and direction for action. Mostly, these dashboards have not moved the needle in the organization they serve. Alchemer has always offered an amazing solution that allows customers to route feedback to drive action, but the survey metaphor hasn’t screamed “drive the feedback and data throughout the organization.” Alchemer has delivered on becoming the “central nervous system” of experience management, routing feedback to the right part of every organization.

Alchemer Workflow was conceived from this challenge. We wrestled with how to keep Alchemer as simple, intuitive, and easy to adopt, while also providing more power in closing the loop with customers and employees. We have achieved that goal with this product.

Originally, we called the product Alchemer Workflow as a placeholder while we began to design it, convinced that we would rename it later. In recent months, we have come up with different names that said, “take your feedback and act on it,” in various forms. Ultimately, we ended up back at Alchemer Workflow. Our customers may not call us asking for “workflow,” but they call every day asking how to drive action, close the loop, and integrate feedback into operational systems. They call us asking for Alchemer Workflow.

With this new product, we offer our customers a no-code solution that can listen to organizational events and initiate surveys to learn more in the context of their business. We enable customers to create follow-on surveys driven from answers to previous engagements or surveys. We encourage customers to route feedback, through logic conditions, to various communication or integration destinations. All of this leverages the existing Alchemer metaphors and is as easy to adopt and use as Alchemer Survey. Alchemer Workflow also provides a backbone for our “central nervous system” and will allow Alchemer to easily integrate new products (through either innovation or acquisition) into our experience management platform. Our customers won’t have to wait for long post-acquisition integration efforts to realize the benefits of our investment.

I regularly think about an industry colleague’s comment on the CX industry, calling it “marshmallow fluff.” For so many organizations, it feels good to hear feedback and to share summary results, but they don’t tackle the hard work that shows their customers and employees that they care enough to respond, engage, and take further action. In fact, 71% of our customers told us that closing the loop is challenging due to lack of resources and difficulty identifying feedback that requires a response. Alchemer Workflow makes this hard work intuitive and easy to manage and doesn’t require specific or additional IT or CX resources. Alchemer Workflow changes how our customers can engage their customers and employees – we hope you love the product!

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