Alchemer Adds Workday, PeopleSoft, Marketo, and Dynamics 365 Always-On Workflow Initiators 

Listen to events from HRIS, CRM, marketing, and e-Commerce software systems to trigger surveys within context of your employee’s or customer’s experience

By Justin Falk, Alchemer Product Manager, and Vanessa Bagnato, Alchemer Director of Product Marketing  

During December, we added to the library of Alchemer Workflow Initiators so that you can listen to events in even more systems your business runs on—such as CRMs, marketing automation, HRIS, and e-Commerce software—and automatically trigger always-on surveys.  

This month we released five new initiators for Workday, PeopleSoft, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Big Commerce. These initiators are available today and at no cost to Alchemer Workflow customers. 

You can view every available initiator here. 

Build engaged, high-performing teams with the Workday and PeopleSoft Initiators 

The Alchemer Workflow Workday and PeopleSoft Initiators listen to key stages within the employee lifecycle, allowing you to automatically launch surveys based on events in your HR software. For example, you can instantly trigger employee lifecycle, candidate experience, eNPS, and benefits enrollment surveys, or any other feedback request. 

Not only can you customize surveys to ensure you are collecting the feedback you actually need—such as tailoring individual surveys by department or office location, or by using advanced question types—but you can automate follow-up actions on the feedback. For example, you can keep stakeholders informed about employee or candidate feedback without having to log into another system, by automatically notifying them via Slack, Teams, or email, based on the survey responses you receive. 

From there, Alchemer’s built-in reporting lets you benchmark feedback over time, so you can make more informed decisions to impact future employee experience and employee-focused processes with your organization. 

Increase Customer Retention and Grow Revenue with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Initiator 

The Alchemer Workflow Microsoft Dynamics 365 Initiator enables you to listen to events that take place within Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is especially useful for sales organizations. This new initiator can be used to increase customer retention and grow revenue by engaging with your customer throughout the sales process and streamlining processes for internal team handoffs.  

For example, you can initiate a survey—either internal or external—whenever a sales stage in Dynamics 365 CRM changes, so you can send customer and sales surveys whenever opportunities are won or lost. Then, Alchemer Workflow can automatically route that feedback to the right place in the organization to ensure follow-up action is taken. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Initiator’s connects to Power Automate, giving you flexibility and more options for triggering feedback surveys to customers and to internal teams. 

Hear From and Engage with Customers Using the Marketo Initiator 

Now, you can add feedback collection to any of your existing Marketo workflows and turn customer campaigns into deeper customer engagements. Alchemer lets you create two-way conversations instead of just sending email campaigns.  

Once initial feedback is collected, use follow-on steps within the workflow to automatically route the feedback to team members who are empowered to respond, keep key stakeholders informed, ask customers for more specific feedback, and close the loop so they know you’re listening. 

Automate e-Commerce Customer Feedback with the BigCommerce Initiator 

The new Alchemer Workflow Big Commerce Initiator automatically listens to events throughout your customer’s checkout experience, allowing you to launch always-on customer satisfaction and other feedback requests.  

The Big Commerce Initiator can listen to many defined events such as Cart Abandoned, Order Complete, and Order Fulfilled. Once the event occurs, a survey is sent seeking feedback so you can understand if customers were satisfied with the order process, fulfillment, or product among others. 

For example, you can time when the survey is sent to a customer, such as two weeks after the order is fulfilled and to check on the product quality. That way, you’re asking for feedback at relevant moments within the customer’s journey. Once the initial feedback is collected, the follow-on steps within the workflow will trigger so that feedback is routed and that the right people are involved and notified.  

Available Today 

All five of these new Alchemer Workflow Initiators are included at no additional cost for existing and new Alchemer Workflow customers. 

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