Grow Your Business by Closing the Loop on Customer and Employee Feedback

Customers and employees who feel heard are going to be more loyal to an organization. Loyal people tend to engage more, stay longer, and become advocates. Businesses need loyal customers and employees to grow.

Collecting feedback is a great way to understand what people need from your organization. Closing the loop on that feedback is the best way to show your customers and employees that they’ve been heard, and that leads to deeper relationships, which leads to greater retention, advocacy, adoption, and growth.

What is Closing the Loop?

According to Forrester, closing the customer feedback loop ​is defined as “communicating with customers about their feedback.” Which means you must connect with them about the feedback they provide, not just acknowledge receiving it.​ A “Thank You for Responding to Our Survey” email is not closing the loop.

Remarkably, Forrester found that 61% of brands say their companies have no formal process ​for closing the feedback loop with their customers. ​CX and other feedback program owners say that closing the loop is challenging because​ the scale and perceived complexity ​feels overwhelming.​

Further research says that 71% of feedback professionals claim that closing the feedback loop is challenging due to a lack of resources, difficulty identifying feedback that requires a response, knowing what to say, or responding in a timely manner. ​

Not anymore.

The Alchemer Platform changes all that. It is the fastest, easiest, most-effective way to close the feedback loop with your customers and employees.

It’s not just us saying this. Reviewers on regularly award the Alchemer Platform with:

    • Fastest Implementation
    • Fastest Speed to Value
    • Easiest to Use
    • Easiest Setup
    • Easiest to Administer
    • Best Meets Requirements

And only the Alchemer Platform offers a continuous feedback loop with real-time routing of feedback and a no-code design.

Only Alchemer takes you from ​Data Collection to People Connections​

With Alchemer you can:

    • Collect the best customer feedback
    • Integrate it into your existing systems
    • Share the feedback with your teams
    • Connect with your customers in a personal way

Now you can effectively close the feedback loop with your customers.

If you would like a demonstration of how Alchemer can help drive higher retention, advocacy, adoption, and growth for your organization, please fill out a demo request form today.