Alchemer Web

Improve Your Web App and Website Experiences with Targeted, In-the-Moment Customer Feedback

Alchemer Web allows teams to collect targeted feedback from customers while they are using web apps and websites to improve digital experiences. Using Alchemer Web, product managers, marketers, and website owners can identify the features customers want, understand what is not working, and increase adoption and conversions – all without disrupting their web customers’ experience.

Precisely Target the Right Customers at the Right Time in Their Web Experience

Now you can proactively reach the right customer at the right time within their web experience, and not disrupt it, so you can capture in-the-moment, contextual feedback. Alchemer Web’s superior customer and event targeting significantly increases your response quality and volume. With Alchemer Web, you can quickly build segments for personalized interactions that convert better, and even re-target customers based on their previous responses. This allows you to collect feedback in that precise moment so you can respond to and improve their precise experience for that exact customer.

The SDK for Alchemer Web is easy to integrate, lightweight, and well-maintained. Once integrated, you can quickly create and launch communications or surveys in just minutes—without the need for developer assistance—so you can take immediate action based on your project needs or customer feedback.

Case Study: Alchemer Web Provides Better Customer Experience for RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot used Alchemer Web to not only collect feedback from their website customers, but also to gather detailed product feedback from niche groups of customers.

Within the first three days of Alchemer Web going live, RetailMeNot generated over 3,000 responses to their first website NPS survey. Through Alchemer Web, RetailMeNot generates approximately 1,000 responses per day, with an average response rate of 9.6%.

They found an overwhelming majority of their customers want to be notified about sales and promotions as they come up—82% preferring advanced notice of more than a day—but not necessarily while in store. RetailMeNot then uses these findings to connect advertisers with their active shopping audience and drive growth for more than 70,000 brands.

Use In-the-Moment Feedback to Increase Adoption and Conversions of Your Web Product and Website

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With Messages, you give customers the opportunity to open a dialogue with you through your web app or website. This gives them a chance to address service issues without leaving frustrated. By keeping people engaged, you can improve customer relationships, and move more sales forward.


The Notes feature enables you to make important announcements so you can drive higher adoption of new features; encourage customers to post a review; or prompt people to take action such as make a purchase, upgrade, or invite a friend.


Targeted surveys encourage customers to share feedback without disrupting their experience or forcing them to leave your web app or website. With targeted surveys, you can capture what people experience in the moment, giving you better direction for new products and to prioritize improvements.


Sentiment analysis helps you quickly understand how web app customers feel about your organization, product, and their experience. This is the fastest way to adapt to changing customer needs, respond effectively, prioritize improvements, and improve sales and brand affinity.


Use the Alchemer Web Dashboard and Insights to make data-driven decisions based on feedback and sentiment collected within your web app or website. You can share trends from qualitative and quantitative feedback to make more informed business decisions faster.


Build a better customer experience by precisely targeting the right customers at the right time to understand exactly what action you need to take next.

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