Alchemer Adds Slack, Shopify, Gladly, and Braze Always-On Workflow Initiators 

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Now you can listen to more events from the systems your business runs on so you can collect feedback in context of your customer’s experience.  

By Justin Falk, Alchemer Product Manager, and Vanessa Bagnato, Alchemer Director of Product Marketing  

Every month, we release updates to the library of Alchemer Workflow Initiators, so that you can create always-on surveys and feedback in the context of your customer’s or employee’s experience. This month we released four new initiators for Slack, Shopify, Gladly, and Braze. These initiators are available at no cost to Alchemer Workflow customers. View the full list of available initiators here

Collect Internal Feedback with the Slack Initiator 

The new Alchemer Workflow Slack Initiator allows you to automatically send feedback requests to all members of a Slack channel. This feature is especially useful for quickly initiating surveys to collect feedback from the internal teams you collaborate with or have trained. For example, if you lead a sales training session, at the end of the training, you can use the Slack Initiator to trigger the workflow to start automatically sending a training evaluation to everybody in the channel. The next week, the same workflow can be used to seek feedback from that week’s attendees by simply employing the same /slash command. 

The Slack Initiator also gathers details about the people within the channel, including email addresses so that the workflow can automatically send a survey via email to ensure people see the feedback request and can respond. Once feedback is collected, the follow-on steps within the workflow will ensure that action is taken, somebody has responded to the feedback, and the right people are involved and informed. 

Automate e-Commerce Customer Feedback with the Shopify Initiator 

The new Alchemer Workflow Shopify Initiator listens to Shopify for events 24/7, allowing you to launch always-on customer satisfaction and other feedback requests throughout the purchasing process. The Shopify Initiator can listen to many defined events such as Customer Created, Order Created, Order Paid, and Order Fulfilled. Once the always-on initiator is triggered, a survey is sent seeking feedback so you can understand if customers were satisfied with the order process, fulfillment, or product among others. 

Once the initial feedback is collected, the follow-on steps within the workflow will ensure that action is taken, somebody responds to the feedback, and that the right people are involved and informed. By using delay steps within your workflow, you can also time when the survey is sent to a customer, such as two weeks after the order is fulfilled and to check on the product quality. In this way, you are asking for feedback at relevant moments within the customer’s journey.

Gauge Customer Satisfaction with the Gladly Initiator 

The new Alchemer Workflow Gladly Initiator listens to Gladly for specific events so that you can launch always-on customer satisfaction surveys and request other feedback. It also allows you to automate closed loop follow-up. For example, if you want to understand if a customer is satisfied with your customer service team or how their conversation was closed, you can automatically trigger those feedback requests by listening to the events with the Gladly Initiator.  

Once the initial feedback is received, you can have your team take action immediately because follow-on workflow steps can route feedback to those who are empowered to respond, such as agent supervisors and managers. You can also continue engaging the customers by asking for more specific feedback or inviting them to review the company on a public review site, such as Amazon, Google, or wherever your customers search for information about your company. 

Hear From and Engage with Customers Using the Braze Initiator 

The Alchemer Workflow Braze Initiator listens for events in Braze to automatically initiate surveys and feedback collection. Now you can add feedback collection to any of your existing Braze workflows or campaigns to turn mobile notices and announcements into conversations. This allows you to understand and hear from your customers, create a two-way conversation instead of just pushing messages.  

Once initial feedback is collected, use follow-on steps within the workflow to automatically route the feedback to team members who are empowered to respond, inform key stakeholders of select or all feedback, ask for more specific feedback, and close the loop with customers who offer feedback, so they know you’re listening.  

Available Today 

All four of these new Alchemer Workflow Initiators are included at no additional cost for existing and new Alchemer Workflow customers. In addition, we’ll be adding new always-on Workflow Initiators every month, so that you can do more with the systems you already have.  

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