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A Feedback Platform for Every Department in the Enterprise

Malwarebytes update: International cybersecurity firm fully switches from SurveyMonkey

In early 2022, Malwarebytes had started their switch to Alchemer from SurveyMonkey. Their story of platform selection and initial training is one of our most popular case studies.

But we came back to Malwarebytes to learn how the full implementation went. What happened after the first department switched over? How did they switch every department in the enterprise over to Alchemer?

This is the story of how smart, motivated people pull off a successful software implementation — not just for a few departments, but the entire enterprise. Their tips and tricks will be useful to anyone going through any type of software implementation, but especially those considering an enterprise feedback platform.

“We were using the platform in hours, the team was completely onboarded in days, and we trained the other departments in just a few months.”

Check out the new Malwarebytes case study to learn how enterprises switch feedback platforms quickly and efficiently.

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