The FanDuel-Alchemer Mobile Success Story

Acting on mobile customer sentiment data powered by Apptentive Fan Signals®, the FanDuel team was able to optimize one of their most important marketing programs to yield a robust 20% increase in mobile activations. Their approach wasn’t just limited to in-app interactions: by enriching customer profiles with Fan Signals sentiment data, they were able to target their biggest fans via traditional email and push mobile channels as well.


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750K Monthly Downloads


Fantasy Sports


Customer Sentiment, Customer Acquisition, Brand Reputation, Ratings & Reviews

Alchemer Mobile helped Fan Duel:

20% increase in new user activations compared to previous campaign

3x click-through rate compared to traditional email marketing

6x increase in app store ratings and review volume in first month of implementation


As FanDuel, America’s premier sportsbook and mobile sports betting brand, quickly expanded into new states and products, they began searching for a partner to help them accelerate growth. After already utilizing Alchemer Mobile to achieve a six-fold increase in Ratings and Review volume, FanDuel began incorporating customer sentiment by using Alchemer Mobile Fan Signals® across marketing channels to support their ambitious mobile app growth goals.

With a focus on campaign optimization, FanDuel started with their Refer-a-Friend Program. This program offered cash incentives to both the referred and referring customer, and was historically one of their top-performing marketing channels. But, with explosive growth and now more than 12 million registered mobile app customers, it was vital this offer be presented only to FanDuel’s happiest (and therefore most likely to recommend) customers.


When it came to segmenting their large customer base for this exclusive referral offer, FanDuel took advantage of Fan Signals sentiment data and Alchemer Mobile’s targeting tools. Since they were already collecting Fan Signals® sentiment data across their mobile apps with Alchemer Mobile, filtering customers into buckets of “Fans” and “Repeat Fans” was fast and easy. FanDuel quickly identified their most satisfied mobile customers and—utilizing Alchemer Mobile’s extensive interaction targeting—set up the offer to appear in the FanDuel Sportsbook app at precisely the right time and place within their customers’ mobile experience.

But FanDuel didn’t limit the communication of this offer to just their mobile apps. They exported Fan Signals® sentiment data and used it to enrich their existing customer profiles. This allowed them to target this same enthusiastic customer segment via traditional email and push mobile channels.

The optimization work paid off: in just one week running their Refer-a-Friend program to this refined customer segment, FanDuel saw a 20% increase in new customer activations of their Sportsbook app compared to running this same campaign without Fan Signals® segmentation. In addition, when presenting the same Refer-a-Friend offer in their Casino app via an Alchemer Mobile Note, FanDuel saw an 11.3% clickthrough rate—more than three times higher than email click-through rates typical of this industry.

We’ve seen immediate results from integrating Alchemer Mobile (formerly Apptentive). Incorporating Alchemer Mobile's sentiment data into our growth marketing programs has enabled us to be more targeted in our outreach, helping us to become the top-ranked app in a very competitive space.

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