The Alkami-Alchemer Mobile Success Story

Alkami, a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for financial institutions in the U.S., implements Alchemer Mobile’s solution in the mobile apps of hundreds of clients like Advantis Credit Union to drive data-driven product decisions and increase member retention.

Learn more about how Jason Pace, Senior Product Manager of Mobile at Alkami and Kevin Wilbanks, Digital Banking Analyst for Advantis Credit Union, use Alchemer Mobile to increase ROI for Advantis and improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.


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Alchemer Mobile helped Alkami:

average app rating for Alkami clients

improvement in Play Store star ratings

improvement in App Store star ratings


In the banking and financial industry, the best place to gather customer feedback is typically in the app stores. However, this feedback is hard to aggregate, analyze, and act upon — especially when ratings and reviews can’t be tied back to individual people. Before Alchemer Mobile, this indirect and difficult-to-track method was the primary way Alkami clients listened to and engaged with their mobile customers. They had no way to direct happy people to leave positive reviews in the app stores and redirect unhappy people to one-on-one support.

Advantis Credit Union struggled to identify where friction occurred in their mobile app experience. Without a way to target specific members, send in-app surveys, or communicate directly through two-way conversations, they were unable to accurately make data-driven product decisions. They turned to their digital banking platform provider, Alkami, to begin solving the issue.


Advantis Credit Union became one of the first Alkami clients to implement a strategic customer feedback program within their mobile app using Apptentive. Every Alkami client now has instant access to Alchemer Mobile’s mobile customer feedback solution.

When Advantis Credit Union surveyed mobile users using Alchemer Mobile, they quickly uncovered a disconnect between their member’s expectations, and what was being delivered for the login process when trying to quickly access balance info. Alkami was then able to work closely with Advantis to develop a brand new product that allowed members to view their balances and recent transactions without even logging in. This reduced friction within the mobile experience and helped deliver the mobile login experience their members expected.

When Alkami first implemented Alchemer Mobile in Advantis’s apps, their App Store and Google Play Store ratings were 3.6 and 2.2 respectively. One year after adding Alchemer Mobile, ratings jumped to 4.7 in the App Store and 3.6 in the Play Store, with the Play Store eventually making it to 4.0 after another year. That’s a single-year increase of 31% for the iOS app and 64% for the Android app.

As Advantis further enhances their digital customer experience program, they will continue to leverage insights gained through Alchemer Mobile Surveys, Ratings Prompts, and Message Center to more effectively interface with members and better understand their pain points. Ultimately, Alchemer Mobile allows Advantis Credit Union to be more efficient and effective in achieving their mission of improving the financial lives of their members.

Apptentive has been key in helping us improve ROI for our clients and convert challenging scenarios like facilitating app reviews from silent users who love the digital experience.

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Interview was recorded when Alchemer Mobile was known as Apptentive.