Alchemer for Marketing

The Alchemer Enterprise Feedback Platform is used by marketers and product marketers in companies of all sizes and across all industries.

  • Quickly and easily capture feedback
  • Drive informed business decisions

With Alchemer, you can:

• Connect with new markets and buyers
• Enhance marketing campaigns
• Identify brand advocates
• Understand your customers and their needs

Repeatedly recognized by peer reviews sites and industry analysts for our flexibility, ease of use, and speed to value, Alchemer enables you to start building and launching projects on day one. Alchemer is so easy to use that it doesn’t require IT resources, and data is protected with industry-leading security and privacy.

“We use Alchemer to learn about behaviors, motivators, and more. Retailers, distributors, and manufacturers are all trying to better understand customers and what motivates them.”

Founder, 210 Analytics

Turn “I think” into “I know” with Alchemer for Marketing

Customer Segmentation and Buyer Personas

Get to know customers better and why your brand was selected over competitors. Put the feedback to work by building reports to inform customer segmentation and demographics, develop personas, and understand what drove your buyers’ decisions.

Target Market Identification and Positioning

Before launching a new product or entering a new market, use Alchemer Panel Services to identify and understand potential target customer buyer segments, key benefits and features, and quantify demand.

Customer Advocacy

Identify potential candidates for a customer advisory board, build a qualification questionnaire and approval workflow, and even capture testimonials with documented consent.

Voice of the Customer / Customer Experience

Improve customer loyalty, increase retention, and positively impact customer experience by collecting customer feedback, taking action to close the loop, and analyzing feedback in meaningful ways.

Website Experience

Capture customer and prospective customer feedback during website interactions with a pop-up or intercept to pulse check how the customer is enjoying their experience and why.

Feature Prioritization and Customer Demand

Provide your product management team with customer insights to inform product roadmap development and feature prioritization. Collect feedback to gauge interest and demand in new features and leverage Conjoint and MaxDiff analysis to identify priorities.

User Experience Testing

Use UX-specific question types and analysis to gather meaningful insights around products and features, so whether you’re building from scratch or improving an existing product, you always deliver to customer and market needs.

Brand Awareness

Bring quantitative and qualitative feedback data together in one place to improve messaging and market positioning and optimize interactions at every stage of the customer journey to improve overall brand awareness and value.

Customer Stories: Alchemer for Marketing

Global Tire

Alchemer is used to gather feedback from consumers test-driving vehicles with different tires. Each car the person tests has a different QR code with a survey, allowing them to collect data about multiple test subjects in separate locations.

US Cybersecurity

Alchemer is used to identify customer advocates through their Voice of the Customer program. Customers who give a promoter score are automatically sent an email and asked to provide a testimonial and agree to the terms for usage of the testimonial.

Some of the companies that use Alchemer to impact their business

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  • Verizon logo
  • Salesforce logo
  • Sonos logo
  • Urban Outfitters logo

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