Healthcare Experience

Leading in the era of health consumerism requires more than the status quo.

Patient Experience

Why patient experience matters

Patient experience has not only gained attention because it sounds trendy. Healthcare facilities that invest in crafting and honing the experience they offer see…[Read More]

How to use data to enhance employee engagement in healthcare

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly competitive, it is imperative for healthcare organizations to invest in their patient…[Read More]

Patient Experience

How and why to build patient personas

Creating a patient-centric experience requires health facilities to gather insights from the patient population they service. This post explains how to build a set of patient personas that can be used to…[Read More]

Workplace Bullying

How to detect and prevent workplace bullying in healthcare

Workplace bullying and incivility affects more than half of all American workers. This article highlights the impact of workplace bullying and incivility can have on…[Read More]

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