Easily Measure Your Employees’ Engagement

In these unprecedented times, with almost all employees working virtually, it’s more important than ever to check on people on a regular basis. That is why we offer a free Employee Connection Pulse Survey. Read more here.

The right Employee Engagement and Experience Software measures more than how engaged are your employees, it identifies those who can influence your culture and those around them.

Engaged employees are the lightning rods for their group or the company as a whole. They, on average, represent 15 percent of your workforce, but will strongly influence the other 85 percent.

Make finding these 15-percenters easier.

Asking the right questions is central to learning what gets people inspired and energized. It’s also central to knowing what causes people to disengage. Alchemer optimizes questions to uncover this essential information, which makes it easier to find the 15 percent who will shape and move the others.

Measure the right things.

Employee engagement surveys don’t just measure employee satisfaction or happiness. A good survey measures how dedicated people are to the mission and success of the company, expectations, the perceived quality of tools, the ability for people to do what they love, praise and recognition – the essential elements to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and maintain a thriving culture.

Integrate feedback effortlessly for a stronger response.

After collecting powerful data, you can effortlessly integrate the data and operationalize it through the systems you already have in place. Engage with the people who can make a difference. Track short and long-term growth. And respond to your people, showing you care about them, not just some score.

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Discover Our New Employee Experience Solution

You want highly engaged teams for all the business benefits – increased productivity, lower turnover, better performance – but how do create engaged teams when budgets and time are at a premium?

The Alchemer Employee Experience Solution gives you everything you need to customize employee experience surveys, create an Employee Portal, centralize and automate employee request handling, and report on and monitor the status of cases.

It can help you:

  • Automate and standardize HR processes
  • Integrate HR functions with other systems
  • Stay GDPR and CCPA compliant

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