Alchemer Training Terms

These Alchemer Training Terms and Conditions (also referred to as “Training Terms”) are the terms and conditions upon which Widgix LLC dba Alchemer, its affiliates and representatives (“Alchemer”, “Widgix,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) make available our training services and products.  These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time, and also incorporate by reference and are subject to our master Terms of Service available at  Please read the following Training Terms carefully as they contain the legal terms and conditions that you agree to when you access, use, or purchase our training services or products.

A. Training Services and Products

We provide Training products and services to you for which you have paid a fee or which may be included in your subscription of the Alchemer services.  You understand the proprietary nature of the materials presented in connection with our Training products and services (“Alchemer Training Materials” or “Materials”), and you understand and agree that you will not distribute, share, copy, reproduce, sell or resell, or in any way derive profit from Alchemer Training Materials, including but not limited to in relation to third parties.

You further understand and agree that your approved use of the Alchemer Training Materials for your internal-only training purposes does not grant a license right or any other rights to the copyrighted and trademarked materials.

Availability of our Training products and services may vary.  Please contact us at for additional information on services.

B. Payment and Fees

For all Training services and products, we require full payment of fees in order to book an event, training, or any other service.

C. Onsite Training

For private Training events conducted onsite or at a location of your choosing (“Onsite Training”), we work with you on the following:

(1) Cancellation: To cancel your private Onsite Training, send us a written email up to 21 days before the scheduled training start date.  After 21 days before the start date, you will incur a 25% cancellation penalty until 48 hours ahead of the scheduled date.  After 48 hours ahead of the scheduled date, we unfortunately won’t be able to refund you any payment fees.

Upon any cancellation, you pay any nonrefundable expenses (e.g. travel fees, airline tickets, deposits, etc.), and we refund the remainder of your fees minus applicable above penalty fee.

(2) Re-scheduling: For re-scheduling an Onsite Training, we work on a best-effort basis to re-schedule alternative dates, but keep in mind our scheduling may be limited.  Additional fees for re-scheduling may also apply.

(3) Terms: Additional terms in a separate invoice or statement or scope of work may apply.

D. Online Private Trainings

For privately scheduled online webinars or Training events (“Online Private Trainings”), we work with you on the following:

(1) Lateness:  Timeliness is important to us, and we try our best to ensure that all our Training events start and end on time.  Please be respectful and timely, and arrange for you and your attendees of Online Private Trainings to be 10 minutes early.  Any time elapsed or delayed by tardiness or lateness from you or other attendees to Online Private Trainings will unfortunately still be billed to you, and we still end our Trainings on and at the scheduled time.

(2) Cancellation:  We unfortunately are not able to refund Online Private Trainings in the event of any cancellations.  Re-scheduling will be treated as a new booking, and a new payment will be required.

(3) Online Training Recordings: Subject to Section A of these Training Terms, your approved use of the Alchemer Training Materials is for your internal-only training.

E. Training Events and Unconferences

For live Training events like our organized multi-city live events and our Unconferences, we work with you on the following:

(1) Cancellation: If you’re unable to attend a live Training event that you have paid for, let us know with a written email at least 14 days before, and we’ll be able to refund your fees.

E. Confidential Info

We are subject to our confidentiality clause in Section 11 of our master terms of service (available at  If there are customized Alchemer Training Materials (including presentations, printed marketing materials, account screenshares or screenshots, etc.) or anything else that may contain confidential information, you understand and agree that you are responsible and consent to the potential disclosure of confidential information to Training attendees, and/or third parties.

E. Third Parties

Third parties may be used for hosting live Training events, Unconferences, private onsite trainings, online trainings, or other Training services.  Contact these third parties for additional terms, insurance requirements, or other concerns that you may have.  You understand and agree to the use of these third parties, and the potential disclosure of confidential information to them, or potentially other third parties, as stated above in Section E of these Training Terms.

E. Software-as-a-Service and Software Updates

Alchemer software is a software-as-a-service, and you are responsible for ensuring that you have the proper software subscription to take full advantage of the Training products and services.

Alchemer software services also includes updates that may render Training Materials inaccurate.  You are responsible for keeping abreast of updates, and feel free to contact us to regularly schedule trainings, online webinars, live events, or private onsite or online events.