Technically Speaking, What is Alchemer?

Alchemer is a cloud-based integrated feedback platform that combines the best of survey software technology with an extensible architecture and low-code design that make it fast and easy for business users to integrate with other systems to put feedback at the core of everything they do.

What does that mean?

Cloud-based means that our solution is completely based in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, so Alchemer is always on, anywhere in the world. We use three data centers – Germany, the USA, and Canada to power our systems and store data. All three data centers are GDPR compliant and accessible to clients through our Data Processing Addendum.

An integrated feedback platform is a solution that collects, integrates, and consolidates feedback from multiple sources and then disseminates it throughout the organization in ways that allow the right people act on it.

Survey software technology is the system that allows customers to create, distribute, and report on surveys and polls. Alchemer uses an online survey software technology.

An extensible architecture is a light software framework which allows for changes because not everything can be designed in advance. 

Low-code design provides the platform for business users to create workflows and processes that solve the business problems they face, without requiring IT development resources.

Voted Fastest Implementation by G2

The first thing you’ll notice about Alchemer is that you can be up and running in hours, not weeks or months. The G2 Crowd voted Alchemer Most Implementable survey solution. Our customers reported that Alchemer delivered an average Time to Go Live of 3 weeks (versus an industry average of 7 weeks) and a User Adoption rating almost 20 points above the industry average.

We have a fundamentally different technology than the competition

Our extensible architecture and low-code design results in an easy-to-use, customer-driven solution that business users can adapt to fit their needs. There is no implementation period, just an on-boarding process. Over time, as people use Alchemer, they find more opportunities to improve their business processes and workflows with the product.

Product Overview

Alchemer is an enterprise-grade survey software platform at its core. It is available in three levels of capabilities – Collaborator, Professional, and Full Access. These products only vary in the capabilities available, such as more complex reporting, different question types, and higher levels of integrations.

All three products are available as SaaS solutions that leverage the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud. This provides the highest levels of availability worldwide and the ability for Alchemer to quickly scale capacity to meet demand.

Being a web-based SaaS solution, mobile access and reporting is standard.

Products are licensed on an annual or monthly basis. Enterprise solutions are tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs.

Additional Capabilities

In addition to Collaborator, Professional, and Full Access product levels, customers can add integrations and webhooks to connect with thousands of other solutions. The low-code and open architecture design mean that business users can do much of this work themselves or hire our Professional Services team to create tailored solutions. We also offer Single Sign On, Website Intercepts, Panel Services, and SMS Distribution products.

Application Security

Secure SSL Connections

Secure HTTP only Cookies

Customizable access and security controls

Application level data encryption

Data segmented by customer

ORM based security controls

Privileged access controls

Data Input sanitization (XSS/SQL Injection)

Secure Coding Practices

System Scaling and Redundancy

Multi-tiered service topology allows for rapid scaling of tiers

AWS-based auto-scaling tied into multiple log metrics.  Trigger events allow scaling of specific tiers (e.g. Web, API, Worker)

Other tiers can scale with minimal additional effort via AWS CloudFormation/Autoscaling groups

Maximizing AWS Services and infrastructure to achieve infinite scalability (SQS, RDS, RedShift, asynchronous design patterns).

Multi-AZ & Role based system redundancy

Read/Write Database replication

Incremental Hourly Secure Remote Database Backups

Put your feedback in motion