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Gather All the Feedback You Need with One Powerful Online Survey Solution

Whether you want to run a simple survey or change the world, Alchemer makes it easy to collect the data you require. Our online survey platform lets you create an unlimited number of surveys and collect as many responses as you need, with no additional fees beyond your subscription. There is also no limit to the number of questions you can include in a survey.

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With our online survey software, you can gather data from any source, analyze it, consolidate it, and view your results in an easy-to-read report.

Rated the Best Survey Software

Alchemer is the best survey platform, offering nearly twice as many question types as SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics. In addition, Alchemer beats SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics in Implementation, User Adoption, and Time to Go Live. Alchemer also won Expert’s Choice, Supreme Software, and Great User Experience from FinancesOnline in the Survey Software category.

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Don’t Simplify Your Surveys to Do It Yourself

Surveys are crucial to companies and organizations regardless of size. Data from online surveys can drive improvements in customer relations, product strategy, market understanding, and research.

Alchemer meets many different needs:

For Market Research – You can gather invaluable feedback from your market on virtually any topic. With Alchemer, you can use the same solution to run simple surveys or perform complex brand awareness studies.

For Research – You can field research in a variety of areas with the same solution. You can export to SPSS or any BI tool for advanced reporting and analysis, or keep it all within Alchemer.

For Marketing – You can create surveys to obtain invaluable demographic data from your customers. Your sales staff, for instance, can use the collected data to improve how they promote your product or service and attract more customers.

For Engaging Customers – Surveys are not all business. Brands, such as BuzzFeed invest heavily in creating highly entertaining and fun surveys to keep visitors engaged. Running enjoyable surveys keeps your customers interested in your brand.

For HR and Internal Communications – An employee survey is an excellent way to open the communication lines between management and employees. You can use the information you receive to refine processes in the organization and address problems.

For Customer Service – You can create a customer survey to find out if people are satisfied with your products or services. The comments they provide can point out problems that were not apparent otherwise.

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