Improve Renewal Rates and Net Promoter Scores Fast

Alchemer has everything you need to deliver better results. Three new products make it even easier.

Survey builders can gather the best feedback from new hand-picked audiences using Survey Audience – a self-service panel tool that is built into the Alchemer app.

If your audience is hard to reach by email, perhaps a text will get them to respond. You can add SMS distribution affordably to raise the response rates to your surveys.

Department managers can integrate that feedback into the systems they use every day. Alchemer now offers Microsoft Dynamics integration in addition to Salesforce, Hubspot, Tableau, and more.

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Self-Service Audience Panels

Reach new audiences quickly and affordably

Survey Audiences is the new way to find and reach a new audience. This simple solution lets you select from more than 30 criteria, with no additional costs for getting specific. You won’t get respondents who are river samples from past surveys, you only get double opt-in panelists from well-known providers. Prices start at $150 for 50 responses. Discover it within the Alchemer app.

You can find Survey Audience in the upper right corner of the Share page of the Alchemer app.

For bigger projects, Alchemer’s Panel Services team is also standing by to help you identify and survey the right people to get the answers you need.

To learn more about Survey Audiences, click the link below. To speak to somebody about engaging our Panel Services team, email or call 1-800-609-6480.

SMS Distribution

Reach more mobile audiences

Research shows that people respond to SMS texts more often and faster than email. When people don’t respond to emails, this is the best way to reach them. You can buy SMS messages in blocks of 10,000 with 20 unique, long-code phone numbers. This allows you to send up to 4,000 messages per day, with high deliverability. Pricing is $500 for a block of 10,000 messages (you can buy as many as you need), and your blocks are good for the duration of your contract.

Email or call 1-800-609-6480 to learn more.


Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Put feedback at the core of your business

Now you can integrate customer feedback directly into the systems their department uses every day. The plug-and-play integration allows Microsoft Dynamics to pull data directly from Alchemer responses in real-time, so that survey data – such as NPS scores and responses – are automatically added to customer profiles. This integration allows support, sales, and inventory teams to see how customers feel and adjust their conversations accordingly. A Microsoft Dynamics integration costs $5000 per year and requires little to no IT resources.

Email or call 1-800-609-6480 to learn more.