Survey Costs Shouldn’t Dictate Your Employee Engagement

If you’re paying for each survey response you collect, you’re probably limiting the number of employee surveys you’re conducting. That’s not a good model at a time when your people need to be connected to you and you to them.

You need more surveys, not less. And if you pay per response, your costs could go through the roof. 

This is the Perfect Time to Do More for Less

Not only can Alchemer eliminate your cost per response, according to G2, Alchemer customers see an ROI 14% faster than the industry average.  We even have a pre-built Employee Connection Pulse Survey that’s free. So you can save money and begin delivering results right away. 

Our flexible platform is so easy that reviewers rank us higher than even Google Forms for speed of implementation. And users like Alchemer so much that we have a 31% higher adoption rate than the industry average.

You need to stay in touch with a distributed workforce, and paying per response is not the way to do it affordably. Check out the survey provider that is easier and less expensive to use. Simply complete the form or call us now at 1-800-609-6480.   

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Key features

Not only does Alchemer not charge per response, users say we offer a better solution. See how we compare to SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics in G2 reviews.

Users on G2 scored us well ahead of Qualtrics in key categories: 

  • 32% higher adoption rate 
  • 13% faster implementation time
  • 12% faster ROI