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Why Alchemer FAQ

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On October 10, 2020, SurveyGizmo changed its name to Alchemer.
This FAQ was created to answer questions that you may have about our rebrand.  

Q: Why did you change your name from SurveyGizmo?   
A: SurveyGizmo served us well. It was fun and whimsical. It communicated clearly that we provide survey software and that our software is approachable and easy to use. SurveyGizmo didn’t signal the importance and gravity of our product.  

Our customers count on us for mission-critical insights and business operations, and our new name, Alchemer, sends that message to the market and our partners. We help organizations put their customer at the center of how they run their organizations, by taking their customer feedback and putting it to work right away.  

Q: Why did you choose the name Alchemer?  
A: Our new name reflects our software’s importance. We chose Alchemer for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s all about transformation; originally in transforming base metals to gold, and now, for us, helping our customers transform their organizations.  

We also love its balance of science and magic. Alchemer is rooted in science and was the forerunner to chemistry, but it also conveys magic and imagination. At Alchemer, we help our customers take a strong analytical approach, coupled with the know-how and intuition to help their customers’ voices come alive. 

For too long, organizations have broken their contract with customers, by asking for their input (their passions, thoughts, and ideas), and doing little with it. They treat feedback like lead, destined for heavy dashboards and reports and weighing down their customer relationships.  

We help our customers breathe life into that feedback. We drive immediate actions from customer signals and communications – turning customer feedback into gold. 

Q: What do I need to do?  How does this change impact me?  
A: Enjoy our new name and nothing else. All your surveys are still available, and all fielded surveys are still collecting responses. All your projects, integrations, iframes, add-ons, customer-branding, and API calls continue forward unaffected.  

You will see a difference in how we present ourselves. Our new logo and branding have changed across our product and marketing materials. We also have a new website,  Please check us out! 

Q: Will I need to change any of my existing survey links? 
A: No, existing URLs for surveys will continue to work. 

Q: Will I need to update any existing API calls? 
A: No, existing API URLs, API keys, etc., will continue to work. 

Q: Will my white-labeled theme be impacted by this change? 
A: No, we are introducing new styles for our existing “Enterprise” and “Modern” themes, but all the HTML mark-up and CSS selectors will stay the same.  

Q: What is the new login URL?  
A: The SurveyGizmo application login for all 3 data centers will continue to work. We have no plans to deprecate SurveyGizmo URLs. Alternatively, you can go to the following URLs, which will also take you to our application.   

Q: What URLs will need to be whitelisted with our firewall team?  
A: No URLs will need to be whitelisted. Existing surveys using the SurveyGizmo URLs will continue to function.  We have no plans to deprecate the SurveyGizmo URLs. All new surveys that are initiated after the migration will use the Alchemer domain.   

We encourage you to add to your email server “safe senders list”. This will ensure that you continue to receive all important communications from us.  

Q: Is there anything else I need to be aware of, or that I need to ask our IT department about to make sure there is a smooth transition with no surveys being blocked?  
A: No, you and your IT team should not have to do anything.  

Q: Is anything going to change with CSS class names (sg-hide for example) or SPF records?  
A: No, everything will continue to work as it does now.  

Q: Was SurveyGizmo purchased by another company? 
A: No, there has been no change to our ownership structure.  We are a privately-owned company, headquartered in Louisville, Colorado. We rebranded to better convey our mission, to help businesses transform to be truly customer-centric organizations.  

Q: Will I still be able to use your platform as a small business?  
A: Absolutely!  Our platform scales to be as powerful and flexible for an individual or small business as it is for a large enterprise. You can expect the same from Alchemer. We will continue to sell online for individuals and small businesses, while our larger accounts are supported by our Account Managers.  

Q: Can I expect new features or capabilities in the application now that you are Alchemer?  
A: We are always working to enhance our solution to respond to customer input and provide the capabilities that customers need. Current projects include improved cross-survey reporting, analytics, and dash-boarding capabilities, a new streamlined workflow builder to enable users to easily automate various business and feedback processes, and additional native integrations into other enterprise systems.  

We will continue to release innovative new features and solutions to help you transform your business into a more customer-centric organization.  

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