We’re Growing Again!

March 12, 2009

We’ve been growing our customer base like crazy these past few months, and since we pride ourselves in the support we bring to our customers, we have been finding ourselves in need of a few more Customer Support Managers. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce our 2 newest Customer Support Ninjas — Jonathan Turk & Marybeth Alexander.

Marybeth comes to us from years of teaching middle school, where she spent many long hours grading papers and honing her Guitar Hero skills (ask her sometime about how good the 6th graders were at Guitar Hero)! She is extremely excited to join Alchemer to finally let her inner tech geek shine and teach us a thing or two about Guitar Hero and correct me on all my grammar/spelling mistakes! 😉

Jonathan comes to us from years in the cable and satellite industry, where he was a customer support guru focusing on customer & technical support, as well as inside and outside sales. When he’s not answering customer questions, he likes to program games, compose music, and is attempting to turn his horse, Uno, into a dog by training it to sit, rollover, and play dead — who would have thought you could do that!

So the next time you get a response from one of our new support superstars, be sure to welcome them on board and let them know you’re as excited as we are to have them join our Alchemer family!

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