Top Peer Review Sites for Market Researchers

Market Research
October 1, 2021

Knowing where to turn when you need more information is often the hardest part of finding that information. There are so many opinions and recommendations out there, who can you trust?

Because you might not know Alchemer, we didn’t just draw up a list of sites where we scored well (even though we did score well most everywhere). Instead, we turned to our market-research customers to find out where they turn for advice and information. Only seven of the most popular sources for advice are peer review sites, so let’s look at those.

  • Gartner Peer Insights
  • Capterra
  • FinancesOnline
  • GetApp
  • SourceForge
  • Software Advice


Each site offers something different and consequently is frequented by different kinds of people. Additionally, it’s good to know the ownership structure. (formerly G2 Crowd) is independently owned, as is FinancesOnline. SourceForge is owned by Slashdot Media, which also owns and several smaller review sites. Gartner owns Gartner Peer Insights and Gartner Digital Markets, which includes Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice. Understanding that Gartner holds those peer review sites shows how each site is targeted at a specific market.


Peer Sites

The Analysis

All five sites present the opportunity to compare solutions. However, the proficiency of the peers reviewing on the site can affect how each site rates the solutions. Gartner Peer Insights is connected with Gartner Research and their famous Gartner Magic Quadrant. They place Survey Software in the Voice of the Customer group.

Seasoned market researchers also migrate to Capterra and G2 to find new solutions when they’ve outgrown or become dissatisfied with their current solutions. If you are looking for peer reviews for an enterprise-class solution or one that can scale up to large enterprise installations, these sites are very popular.

FinancesOnline combines an expert analysis of solutions combined with peer reviews. Since the experts review the different software in a category, they have the advantage of seeing the best in each solution. When you combine this with peer reviews, you get a well-rounded approach that is well received in the market.

SourceForge and GetApp are more aligned with small and medium-sized businesses, especially those looking for new solutions. This is a great place to find peers who are looking for specific solutions to a need. SourceForge tends to have more of a do-it-yourself and technical audience since the site’s roots are in open-source software.

Software Advice is particularly good if you’re not sure what you need in a specific solution because you can get on a call with a consultant who talks with you about your needs and then helps you find the best solution.

Learn More

If you’re looking for what market researchers find most important in a solution, read The 2022 Buyer’s Guide to Market Research Software. This will help you frame how you look at the different review sites.

Here are some examples of the kind of reviews you can expect.

Gartner Peer Insights






Software Advice

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