Today, SurveyGizmo Transforms to Alchemer

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October 9, 2020

By David Roberts, CEO of Alchemer

Today SurveyGizmo transforms to Alchemer. We have considered changing our name for years as our customers have expanded well beyond surveys. They also count on us in ways that go way beyond what “gizmo” implies. “Alchemer” reflects the commitment we have to our customers and matches their expectations of us. 

Growing beyond “SurveyGizmo 

“SurveyGizmo” served us well. It was fun and whimsical. It communicated clearly that we provide survey software and that our software is approachable and easy to use. Our employees felt a strong connection to our name, but over time, they too saw that “SurveyGizmo” didn’t signal the importance and gravity of our product.  

Our customers count on us for mission-critical insights and business operations, and our new name sends that message to the market and our partners. Our employees are very engaged in “Alchemer,” and about our go-forward mission. We help organizations put their customer at the center of how they run their organizations, by taking their customer feedback and putting it to work right away.  

Why Alchemer 

Our new name reflects our software’s importance. We chose “Alchemer” for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s all about transformation; originally in transforming base metals to gold, and now, for us, helping our customers transform their organizations.  

We also love its balance of science and magic. “Alchemer” is rooted in science and was the forerunner to chemistry, but it also conveys magic and imagination. At Alchemer, we help our customers take a strong analytical approach, coupled with the know-how and intuition to help their customers’ voices come alive. 

For too long, organizations have broken their contract with customers, by asking for their input (their passions, thoughts, and ideas), and doing little with it. They’ve treated feedback like lead, destined for heavy dashboards and reports and weighing down their customer relationships.  

We help our customers breathe life into that feedback. We drive immediate actions from customer signals and communications – turning feedback into gold. 

What You Can Expect 

With our name change, you can expect even more from us over the coming months and years. We know that many of you love our survey functionality and we will continue to deliver the very best. You should also expect major advancements in workflow and integration, driving immediate and intelligent response to your customers’ voices throughout your organization. We will enhance our analytics and reporting capabilities to aggregate the voice of our customer after critical actions are taken. Above all, you can continue to expect software that is highly intuitive and complimented by our heart for service. 

We are passionate about making a real difference for our customers, helping you engage and inspire your customers, and we will do this with more clarity and power under the banner of Alchemer. We hope you see the key elements of this brand from the start; elements of transformation, of elevating feedback into organizational gold, and of the science and magic involved in truly engaging your customer.  

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and help transform your organization today and into the future. 

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