Tips & Tricks: reCAPTCHA in Surveys

Survey Tips
October 21, 2020

by Cameron Settle

Alchemer transforms customer feedback into operational gold to create customer-centric organizations. We provide tools and features to ensure that the feedback you collect is pure gold. We will detail some of these features to help you make sure you are collecting validated actional feedback.

Alchemer includes the reCAPTCHA Action feature that you can use in your surveys. This action can be placed anywhere in the survey however you will get optimal results if it is used on the page of the survey. reCAPTCHA is an interface that validates whether there is a human user, based on cursor movements and clicks. It also has the ability to sense generic cursor patterns indicating possible bot presence. If reCAPTCHA senses the movement of the cursor is non-organic, it shows a second test requiring the review of images to validate the recipient.

Recaptcha example

The reCAPTCHA Action protects against botting in your survey, and it can also protect against email filters. Email filters are a point of defense in an email server that have the potential to interact with your survey invitation link.

Why would email filters interact with my survey invite link?

It’s common for malicious attacks to be sent using a link within an email, where that link will download malicious software to your computer causing harm. Email filters have the ability to access and scan those links to ensure that no harmful files are attached. These filters can cause false completes in your survey, though placing a reCAPTCHA action at the beginning of your survey will prevent those completes.

What if I forgot to add this to my survey?

Alchemer’s Data Cleaning Tool can help polish your data to ensure that bad data does not get through. This tool looks for things such as speeding, a common sign of bots. It also looks for answer quality, scanning for fake answers, gibberish words, patterned responses, and questionable responses.

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