Retail Apps: 2020 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmarks

If you’re like me, your shopping habits have probably changed a bit (or a lot) over the last few months. I searched online for about two hours today for dumbbells to buy since the gyms are still closed, and had zero luck. Every grocery store has run out of toilet paper and flour, comfy sweats are out of stock at Target, and the wait to get into Home Depot is two hours long. Everyone is picking up new habits and hobbies, and therefore creating more demand for certain products during quarantine. We’re also adopting new shopping strategies such as using delivery services and curbside pickup. What we buy and how we buy it looks very, very different today than it did in 2019.

So, what are retail brands to do? Knowing where apps like yours stood last year in terms of customer engagement, surveys, in-app feedback, ratings and reviews, and other mobile KPIs can help you gain context to better understand where your brand stands today.

→Download the 2020 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report for Retail Apps

And that’s where we come in! We gathered mobile customer engagement data from more than 800 apps with 5,000 active users or more, analyzed it all, and packaged it up into a pretty report for you. This should be your go-to resource for understanding and measuring how customer behaviors and emotions have changed over time. Ultimately, this report is meant to serve as a yardstick for retail apps like yours seeking to understand how their customer feedback and engagement metrics stack up against the market.

Data included in the report:

  • The profile of an average app in the Retail/Shopping category
  • Customer sentiment distribution
  • Mobile app customer retention data
  • The top ten most common phrases in app store reviews tied with customer emotion
  • Average app rating for retail apps
  • Average app review volume
  • Typical app interaction and response rates
  • In-app survey response rates
  • Average inbound and outbound message volume
  • And more!

The bottom line is that product managers and mobile marketers in the retail category must have a baseline understanding of how their current performance stacks up with the marketplace – now, more than ever. Download your copy for free today by clicking the banner below.

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