Workflow Product Update for September

New Alchemer Workflow Initiators Let You Schedule Workflows and Listen to Any Business System   

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Now you can schedule workflows and listen to virtually any enterprise system quickly and easily, creating an always-on feedback system  

By Justin Falk, Alchemer Product Manager, and Vanessa Bagnato, Alchemer Director of Product Marketing 

In September, we released updates to the library of Alchemer Workflow Initiators. These updates include even more pre-built event triggers for the Zendesk, Asana, and Paylocity Initiators. Additionally, we launched two new Initiators – Scheduled and Custom Events. These initiators are available at no cost to Alchemer Workflow customers. View the full list of available initiators here. 

Custom Events Initiator 

The new Custom Events Initiator allows you to launch always-on surveys and automations by listening to any system that can make a web call via a webhook. This allows you to not only initiate a workflow, but to pull any other information that you need, such as the name, email address, customer number, or ticket number to collect feedback quickly and easily from that customer or employee. 

Because the Custom Events Initiator uses web calls, it allows you to launch workflows from virtually any system – even proprietary and home-built systems. It’s the fastest way to get more feedback in context of your customer’s experience, while maximizing the systems you already know and have in place

Scheduled Initiator 

The new Scheduled Initiator enables you to schedule the start of a workflow, so you can launch the first step of a workflow, such as a survey invitation, a day, week, month, quarter, or any interval. This initiator provides scheduling options for day of month, hour, minute, time zone, and date range. 

The Scheduled Initiator can be leveraged for automating repetitive tasks and ongoing projects, such as maintaining vendor contacts across an organization for an IT or information security team. For security purposes, you could build a workflow that sends out a survey at the beginning of each month, or annually, to see if anything or anybody has changed with that vendor. You can also survey your employees to see how each vendor is doing once a month.

Create Always-On Surveys with Initiators 

With a simple setup and drag-and-drop interface, you can listen to events from your third-party enterprise software such as Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, and others – to automatically initiate surveys and feedback requests in the context of your customer’s or employee’s experience. This allows you to hear from customers and employees when it matters most, and within the context of your key business events.  

Additionally, Alchemer Workflow initiators are configured entirely within the Alchemer platform, so there is no need to involve your system administrators for Salesforce, Zendesk, or other enterprise solution you want to work with.  

The new Alchemer Workflow Initiators are included at no additional cost for existing and new Alchemer Workflow customers. 

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