Q&A On Panels

Survey Tips
September 18, 2020

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

Q – What’s required to use Panels Services?
A – An Alchemer Full Access or Professional license is required as these levels have the features necessary to run a panel, such as disqualification logic, URL redirect, and quotas.

Q – Where do we source our respondents from?
A – We partner with two of the world’s leading panel companies, Lucid and Cint, to source our respondents.

Q – How many respondents do you have access to?
A – We’re able to send survey invitations directly to hundreds of panel supplier networks worldwide. With this, we have a reach of more than 100 million overall respondents!

Q – Who are the respondents?
A – Respondents are double opt-in recruited where they maintain a profile of their demographics, consumer habits, job experience, etc. Respondents are rewarded for each minute that they spend on the survey. Respondents come from every walk of life and a wide array of demographics, hobbies, consumer habits, work experience, household stats, medical conditions, etc.

Q – Can Panel Services fill custom quotas?
A – Of course!  We can balance your results by any customized factors or attributes (i.e. age, gender, region), including, of course, any census representative quotas.

Q – How often are the respondents contacted to ensure accuracy with their profile data?
A – Respondents are re-profiled every six months to ensure that profiling remains accurate.

Q – What’s the process to address respondents who provide poor answers?
A – Respondents deemed unusable due to data quality reasons are replaced at no extra cost.

Q – Is there a project minimum?
A – Panel Services has a minimum spend of $1,500 per project (excluding the Alchemer license fee)

Q – What about projects that don’t meet the $1,500 minimum for Panel Services?
A – Alchemer provides a self-service panel option designed for simplified surveys and a budget of less than $1,500. Learn more here, https://help.alchemer.com/help/survey-audiences.

Q – How does the reporting work?
A – Responses flow into the survey in real-time as respondents complete it.

Q – How are the surveys sent to the panelists?
A – Respondents are sent an unbiased email invitation.

Q – Who builds the survey?
A – Survey Builds are performed on a DIY basis.  However, we also offer Survey Builds as a service. Simply supply the Alchemer Professional Services Team with a draft of your survey and they can program it within your account for a fee.

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