Our Secret Life with Pets

Customer Feedback
September 22, 2021

Results from the August Poll

In August, we asked our readers about their current pets, pets they would love to own, and fantasy pets. We were a little surprised by the results, to be honest.

We honestly expected Cats to come in a little higher on the list, given their low maintenance. But the dog lovers in our office approve of this answer.

Dogs won again. We were a little surprised that more people didn’t want ponies, although alpacas and llamas might have stolen market share here.

Our guess here is that a fair amount of people watched cartoons before answering this question. Bear was the big winner, with Otter, Giraffe, Panda, and Falcon rounding out the top five. We’re a little worried that so many people wanted velociraptors, but impressed with the number of people who preferred capybaras.

Given that Halloween is just a month away, let’s find out what kind of candy you like. We hope you’ll take our survey here: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/6535189/Favorite-Sweets. This survey was built using Cascading Menus in Alchemer.

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