Mobile Surveys: Collect Responses on Phones & Tablets

June 11, 2010

It’s been iPad-mania the past couple weeks here and with that, we’ve been inundated with questions about creating surveys on the iPad using Alchemer and have even heard, “Is there an App for that?”

We have fantastic news for you! You don’t need to download or pay for an additional App to send out surveys on an iPad or an iPhone!

All you need to do is create a survey using Alchemer, just like you always have! And this time when you’re selecting themes under your survey’s Look & Feel, select the iPhone/Android friendly theme for surveys you’ll be sending out to iPhone users or select the iPad Friendly theme for respondents taking surveys on iPads.

The iPad and iPhone themes have been specially designed to fit the formatting requirements of the Safari browsers that the gadgets automatically open up to, so they are perfect for sending out surveys to iPhone and iPad users.

Have an iPhone or iPad and want to conduct survey research using them? We’ve thought up a couple of ideas on how you could use these in the field:

  • Conducting research inside of a mall
  • Create follow-up surveys within an App that you have built in the Apple Store
  • Sending out email invites to survey participants who have iPhones
  • Easy in-person research at conferences or conventions

Did you know? That if you have your own App within the Apple Store, you can have your App users fill out a feedback survey on your App?

Since the App store allows you to put links into your descriptions, all you need to do is add a regular Alchemer survey link. If someone is on an iPhone or iPad downloading your App, they just need to click on your link and the Safari browser will open up your survey. It’s just that easy to get feedback on you App!

Tip – Want your surveys to automatically refresh after you’ve had someone fill it out on your iPhone or iPad? Check out this quick tutorial about creating kiosk / looping surveys.

Want to learn more about conducting surveys on mobile devices? Check out our complete guide to mobile survey best practices.

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